In this article we will discuss in depth the top 10 best Squarespace templates of all time. These templates will surely take your breath away and leave you awe-struck.

If creativity had a face that would be Squarespace. The designers at Squarespace took creativity and innovation and blended them in the cauldron of artistry to create the stunningly beautiful 110 templates that Squarespace currently harbors. The web builder truly took quality over quantity to the next level, introducing to the world, an array of templates that are nothing short of Picassoโ€™s masterpieces. The website builder’s attention to detail is what landed it in our list of top 10 best website builders.

We might be over-exaggerating a little but trust us when we say this that our breath caught in our throats when our eyes first landed on the templates. No other website builder has designed their templates with so much dedication and creativity. Therefore, to wow your senses and please your eyes, the 10 best Squarespace templates are here to make your website shine. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your creative critique hat and start browsing.

Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates – A Quick Glance

Given below is the list of the top 10 best Squarespace templates that truly mesmerised us with their fascinating and beautiful designs.

  • Rivoli โ€“ Simple and Aesthetic
  • Crosby โ€“ Exquisite and elegant
  • Nolan โ€“ Classy and chic
  • Bailard โ€“ Stylish and minimalistic 
  • Vester โ€“ Sophisticated and minimalistic 
  • Brower โ€“ Clean-looking and straightforward
  • Talva โ€“ Serene and artistic
  • Ishimoto โ€“ Gorgeous and elegant 
  • Nevins โ€“ Modern and clean
  • Auburn– – Rich and bouji

Summary Table – Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates

Refer to the table given below in which we listed the top 10 best Squarespace templates along with their cost and what they are best for.

Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates Price Best For
Rivoli Free Blogs
Crosby Free Concept stores
Nolan Free Marketing and other agencies
Bailard Free Non-profits
Vester Free Bloggers and writers
Brower Free Food bloggers
Talva Free Small business
Ishimoto Free Artists and photographers
Nevins Free Portfolios
Aubrun Free Restaurants

Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates – Overview

Consult the overview of the top 10 best Squarespace templates given below to know more what they have to offer. With stunning designs and powerful features in their arsenal, we are sure that they will leave you gasping for breath.

1. Rivoli – No#1 Among the Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates

Rivoli - Top 10 best Squarespace templates

Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Lifestyle, food, and travel bloggers


  • Five layouts 
  • Large visuals
  • Big header
  • Clean design
  • Explore button
  • Blog
  • About page


When our eyes first landed on this stunning template, it invoked a sense of serenity and tranquility within us, a feeling of utter calmness. This compelling template made us scroll our way to the end, basking in its beauty and charm. Due to its utterly attractive design, this template is an ideal choice for food and travel bloggers, wishing to showcase their experience in such a way that the viewers will feel the same enjoyment they felt when experiencing it.

Its stylish design and simple interface make it easy for visitors to navigate their way through the website. The top left corner of the template harbours the Blog and About page. As you scroll down you will be greeted by the Food and Travel sections, showcasing pictures, and snippets of text. As you move forward the white background will give way to a solid Greek shade of blue, a unique yet perfect detail that helps accentuate this gorgeous template. Rivoli is one of the most stunning templates to make it to the top 10 best Squarespace templates list.

2. Crosby 


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Concept stores, small-sized local brands


  • Easy to navigate 
  • Journal 
  • Clean design


Crosby might just be the most stunning Squarespace template we have come across. This utterly gorgeous template resonates a very exquisite and elegant feel, compelling one to explore it in depth. Its clean and sleek design lures one in like a siren call, taking over your senses and imprinting itself on your mind. Upon opening the site, you will be welcomed with a gorgeous photo displaying various products offered by the brand.

The Shop Now rectangle on the homepage will call your name relentlessly until you click on it. As you scroll down you will be met with Fan Favorites, displaying the store’s most coveted items. By scrolling further, you will find yourself face to face with a journal and finally, you will end your journey with a grey footer displaying the options, Shop, Our Story, Journal, and Contact.

3. Nolan


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Marketing agencies, digital product agencies


  • Sleek and clean design
  • Easily readable font
  • Bold images


When you mix classy and chic together, the resulting product is this black and white, stunningly beautiful template called Nolan. This design is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. Everything about this template screams perfection, from its minimalistic design to its perfectly positioned elements. The template carries with it a vibe of magnetism and allure, with its sleek look, classic typography, and high-quality images. Once you enter the world of Nolan you will be welcomed by a black background, showcasing four main categories in the top right corner: Our Work, Our Services, Company, and Contact. As you scroll down you will be met with element after element that help bring your content to life.

4. Bailard


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Charities, non-profits associations, etc.


  • Easy navigation
  • Full-width image on the homepage 
  • Take Action section
  • About page


If minimalism is the language you understand, then Bailard is the template that speaks it very well. Exuding a sense of serenity, this template was created with non-profit organizations in mind. Itโ€™s simple and stylish design along with a full-width hompage image, compels visitors to scroll further. Itโ€™s easy navigation and lack of unnecessary categories make it easy for visitors to find their way around the website. On the top right corner of the homepage, you will discover four options, About, News, Read Me, and Take Action. The News option will redirect you to a bog, whereas the Take Action, one will redirect you to a page where you can either donate or join the organization. 

5. Vester 


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Lifestyle and travel bloggers, writers


  • Well organized
  • Grid-layout
  • Social media integration


The one major thing that a template for writers, and travel and lifestyle bloggers should have, is a sense of sophistication. And nothing says minimalism and sophistication better than Vester. If you truly want your blog and pictures to invoke feelings of grandeur and adventure, then Vester is the template for you. Its unpretentious and minimalistic style will help draw in visitors, while its white background and typography will keep them hooked till the very end. Its filtering option and categories section make navigation easy, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

6. Brower


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Recipe and Food bloggers


  • Blog
  • About page
  • Clean looking 
  • Social media integration


If you value simplicity and straightforwardness you will be delighted to know that Brower is the embodiment of both. This clean-looking template helps make your content stand out, eradicating every distraction that might divert the visitorโ€™s attention from your content. It allows bogger to combine their articles with visually aesthetic photos, enabling them to showcase their talent. The soft pink background makes everything pop, helping catch the eye of the visitors, and keeping them hooked. At the top center of the page, you will find three categories namely Bog, About, and Contact. You can store all your articles and recipes in the blog for the visitors to read. Moreover, you can also share your recent recipes on the homepage. 

7. Talva 


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ One-person business, artistic photos


  • Full-width images 
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Social media integrations


Talva is the embodiment of serenity and sophistication. This template invokes a sense of calmness and is soothing to look at. Its minimalistic and clean-looking design is ideal for a one-person business or an artistic portfolio. The homepage features full-width images that can help in catching the eye of the visitors. The visitors can also zoom in on them to get a better look. On the top left of the homepage, you will find three sections namely, Blog, About page, and Contact page. This simple and straightforward template will help put your photos in the spotlight. Moreover, the lack of unnecessary categories and elements will help keep the attention of the visitors on your content.

8. Ishimoto


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Photographs and artists


  • Horizontally scrolling Gallery page
  • Adjustable layout elements


An ideal template for photographers and artists is one that accentuates your content, rather than diverting the attention of the visitors to itself. Fortunately, Ishimoto is just that. Like a silent companion, Ishimoto carries your content, showcasing it to the world, as its own presence is undetectable. With this template you can display jaw-dropping full-page images and slideshows, mesmerizing the visitors with your hypnotic content. Once the visitors are out of the trance and have picked their jaws off the floor, they can click on the blog to read further about your content. 

9. Nevins


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Portfolios


  • Blog page 
  • In-built social media icon
  • Decluttered


When our eyes first landed on this template the first thought that came to our mind was that of calmness and tranquility. This clean, modern, and minimalistic template is ideal for highlighting your portfolios. Its simplicity is what compelled us to include it in the top 10 best Squarespace templates list. Nevin supports a decluttered design that puts your work front and centre, all the while creating a professional tone. Its white background makes your content pop, breathing life into it. The template further helps you engage your visitors via a blog page and helps them get in touch with you by incorporating a contact page.

10. Auburn


Price โ€“ Free

Best for โ€“ Restaurants 


  • Menu 
  • Reservations option
  • News
  • Location page
  • Links to Instagram, Yelp, and Facebook
  • Large image headers


Every restaurant needs a website that is bold, modern, and aesthetic, all the while exuding a professional feel, and Auburn ticks all those boxes. This feature-rich template provides you with reservations, menus, news, and location pages, along with links to social media. Despite the lack of a dedicated gallery page, Auburn helps your images stand out by placing them on the top of every page. The homepage is also quite aesthetically pleasing, broken up by large headings and full-width images. This is one of the brightest and the boldest template to make it to the top 10 best Squarespace templates list.

Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates – Selection Criteria

Each template listed in the top 10 best Squarespace templates list had to go through a thorough examination before becoming a part of the list. The templates were judged on the basis of their design, features, responsiveness, and customisability.

Design of the Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates – Squarespace is the Picasso of the website-building world. Therefore, each and every template offered by the website builder screams beauty and allure. However, the ones that made it to the top 10 best Squarespace templates list truly indicated how dedicated Squarespace is and how much creativity and talent was put into making them. Each template speaks its own language. Some have tones of serenity in them, while others are bold. Some induce feelings of calmness, while others display a picture of sophistication.

Features of the Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates – The various templates mentioned in the top 10 best Squarespace templates list carry unique and innovative features. Each template presents users with a different set of perks that set it apart from the others.

Mobile Responsiveness of Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates – In today’s day and time, having a mobile-responsive website is a must if you want it to be a success. Most of the people these days use the mobile phone to surf the internet. Therefore, a mobile responsive website will help you get more traffic. Moreover, it will also rank high in the search engines. Therefore, in the top 10 best Squarespace templates list we added the templates that are mobile optimised and responsive.

Customisability of the Top 10 Best Squarespace Templates – Squarespace doesn’t offer a lot of design and customisation freedom as it is targeted towards beginners, technophobes, and the less tech-savvy. However, all the top 10 best Squarespace templates mentioned in the list are customisable enough that you can modify them to add text blocks, elements, integrations, and plugins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Squarespace templates mobile-friendly?

Yes, all the templates provided by Squarespace, are mobile phone optimized, which is great as your site will look great on all devices and Google tends to rank mobile-optimized sites higher.

Are Squarespace templates customisable?

Yes, you can modify Squarespace templates to give them a personal touch. However, as they were created with user ease in mind, the customizability is a bit limited.

How many categories are Squarespace templates divided into?

Squarespace templates are divided into numerous categories including blogs, restaurants, portfolios, online stores, photography, persona + CV, weddings, and professional services.
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