Both SITE123 vs Squarespace are premium website builders with versatile key attributes. However, If you are facing difficulty selecting the right website builder between SITE123 vs Squarespace for you, then it’s good to compare SITE123 vs Squarespace to discover which platform offers better tools. In this article, we have compared the performance levels and beneficial features of SITE123 vs Squarespace website builders. Therefore, you can make a wise selection after reading SITE123 vs Squarespace according to your requirements.

SITE123 vs Squarespace: At a Glance

  SITE123 Squarespace
Pros ✔️Creates multi-language websites
✔️Great feature list
✔️Reasonable price
✔️Media Galleries
✔️Best for photographers
✔️Ease of use
✔️Site customization
✔️Reasonable price
Cons ❌Limited template options
❌Sometimes delay in loading speed
❌Difficult to find workarounds in
templated pages
❌Difficulty in editing pages
Standard Price $9.80/month  $12/month 
Pricing Model Monthly payment with an annual subscription Monthly Payment
Package Includes 10GB storage
1-year free domain
5GB bandwidth
Connect custom domain
SSL free certificate
Customer accounts
Automatic discounts
24/7 customer support
Powerful commerce metrics
Attributes   Responsive web design
Video Tools
Social media integration
Email Marketing
Dropdown menu
Responsive image loader
Modern templates
Built-in mobile websites
Template switching
Audio collections

SITE123: What is It?

SITE123 - SITE123 vs Squarespace

This website builder is designed for corporate and private users to create websites easily. Among SITE123 vs Squarespace, SITE123 is specialized with no coding or design experience so users can get an online presence faster. Not only does it provide an attractive website but also makes it responsive and search engine optimized when viewed on other devices. Ready-made layouts and templates of the builder are available on its advanced wizard. Among SITE123 vs Squarespace, SITE123 is a perfect option for users who don’t have hours to spend on website creation or those who don’t want to hire professionals. For detailed information, you can also go through the SITE123 Review.

SITE123 Key Features

SITE123 offers numerous beneficial features for website creation in addition to an easy-to-use interface. other than this SITE123 can be a perfect choice for private users with its cheap subscription packages. Let’s have a look at the details of some key features;

Responsive Website Design

The provider offers a website design that is responsive to all devices mobile, tablet, or desktop. Furthermore, it ensures an optimal viewing experience by adjusting small and large screen sizes. While designing a website it gives a preview button option as well. This is to show you how exactly your site will look on a laptop, tablet, or phone after going live. This gives the site builder an edge when users contrast SITE123 vs Squarespace.

Array of Tools

The service offers a set of beneficial tools to leverage your website. The SEO tools help in setting 301 redirects and meta tags using website connections, and viewing your sitemap. SITE123 is a multi-lingual platform that supports most of the local languages. Other than the website design tools, it contains a built-in logo resizer, free icon and image library, custom form builder, and image galleries.

Online Store Builder

SITE123 is featured with an e-commerce solution so you can transform a website into an online storefront. Which includes managing orders and products, handling store inventory, adjusting the store’s design, etc. Other e-commerce features are categories, multiple images for products, store product options, custom pricing per product, and gateway integration. Additionally, it processes numerous payment methods like PayPal, wire transfer, or online credit/debit cards. The provider accepts local and international currencies to cater to global selling.

Website Complete Support

You can get a free one-year website domain and free hosting with its standard plans. Although a lifelong free domain registration is only available with its Premium package. The free hosting service of the provider is on a secure Content Distribution Network (CDN) to ensure functionality and speed. SITE123 includes free HTTPS/SSL built-in encryption to protect a website from cyber attacks, here SITE123 is a winner in the SITE123 vs Squarespace comparison.

Third-Party Plugins and Integrations

The SITE123 app market is packed with integrated systems and applications. Social media integration allows users to link their website to social media channels. Further, it supports social media plugins like live chat, webmaster tools, marketing, and analytics. For example, the Google Map integration of the software embeds tools into a webpage to provide a visual representation of the business location to visitors.

Web Pages

The service offers versatile website options including a landing page or one-page website or an unlimited number of web pages. This allows you to showcase selected content effectively. Furthermore, a user can also set a “Coming soon” or Under Construction” page for an in-progress website to inform visitors when this website is coming. SITE123 has a specific careers page where you can advertise when you are hiring. The website can also be used as a personal blog as well as you can schedule bookings and add functionality to events.

Squarespace: What is It?


This is a DIY website builder solution that permits its users to create engaging and attractive websites. Squarespace is a perfect option for individuals or SMBs who want an online presence through a business website or personal blog. This software comes along wide customization, numerous built-in templates, and extensive integration for quick delivery. Additionally, it contains a dynamic previewer, editing tool, and easy navigation to make the website builder effortless and fast. The provider offers several elements for your page like buttons, images, text, spacers, charts, galleries, etc. For detailed analysis, you can search through the Squarespace Review.

Squarespace Key Features

Intuitive Website Builder

The service can be used by businesses or individuals who want online selling of products and provide a rich experience to site visitors. You can use this builder for blogging or any other simple website construction, here making it a better option when you contrast SITE123 vs Squarespace. With this software, you can create a stunning visual website that appears highly responsive to visitors as well. Further, constant updates keep the service highly intuitive and more enjoyable.

Editing Interface

Squarespace is a bit tricky with its editing interface. The interface requires page creation through a template before allowing any other edits. However, you can easily add more elements to a page through the feature ‘Content Block’ while using full-screen mode for editing. Moreover, helping box built-in guides make the whole process quite easy for a user.

Functional Tools

Useful tools of the software include Style Editor, logos addition ability, and options for switching templates. A user can easily change the fonts and colors of a template to create their chosen product. Besides, he can tweak colors for specific headers, links, and buttons. Squarespace also offers online photo editing tools due to its integration with Aviary. Squarespace offers various customization options so users can easily search and add Getty images to their websites.

Blog Posts

Squarespace is a perfect solution for bloggers who want to create their blog posts professionally. You can add blog post content to web pages you have built on the site. Furthermore, this host will save these posts for later updates while scheduling their publishing time. You can also include icons for liking, sharing, and commenting on your post and enable the RSS feed. Another better option is to create posts through email and even set them up for iTunes podcasting.

Ideal to Earn Money

Squarespace can be a good option for individuals who want to earn money through websites. You can easily add product pages to start immediate selling. Virtual selling through this host can be extremely effective whether it’s physical goods or downloadable services and products. You can add a shopping cart to your page containing the URL and individual page of every single product.

Payment Options

Among SITE123 vs Squarespace, Squarespace has several payment gateway options like PayPal and Stripe. You can set express checkout and terms of privacy and services agreements published. For more accuracy, you can have Squarespace’s accounting support integration with Xero for the lowest $9/month.

SITE123 vs Squarespace: Which Builder is Better for You?

In a nutshell, SITE123 vs Squarespace both offer distinct sets of features. Squarespace is an amazing platform for small businesses and individuals who want to venture into online trade. This DIY website builder allows users to create engaging and attractive websites. Besides, SITE123 is a cheap website builder with useful tools for corporate and private internet users. The software is specialized with no coding or design experience to establish the fastest and easiest online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

SITE123 vs Squarespace what services do both builders provide?

SITE123 is generally used for building a business website while Squarespace is useful for easy website creation.

What are the main user groups of Squarespace and SITE123?

The main user groups of Squarespace are SMEs, large enterprises, bloggers, and other individuals. While B2B generally relies on SITE123.

What are the customer support options with SITE123 vs Squarespace?

Both providers deliver 24/7 customer support. The SITE123 offers support via live chat, email, and tickets. Besides, Squarespace includes phone, email, tickets, training, and live chat support.
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