Web.com is a US-based group of companies offering numerous internet services. Besides, Network Solutions as a subsidiary of the Web.com group has been playing a crucial role in the Internetโ€™s growth since 1979. The article below is all about a detailed comparison of Network Solutions vs Web.com. We have explained the key features of these hosting solutions alongside the drawbacks for a better understanding. Also, you can have a quick look at the comparison table in case you are short on time.

Network Solutions vs Web.com: Quick Comparison

Website Builder Network Solutions Web.com
General Information Creates new products for userโ€™s ease Offers three hosting plans with Windows and Linux operating choices
Standard Price $9.96/month $5.95/month
Quick Installs Drupal, Joomla, SSL, WordPress Drupal, Joomla, b2evolution, Magento, Mambo, SSL, WordPress
Available Supports Phone, email, tickets, knowledge base Phone, email, live support, tickets
Features Ignite online marketing
Email marketing
JumpStart Store set-up
Reputation Alert
E-commerce website
99% uptime
FTP access
Ease of use interface
Ample disk space
WordPress blog one-click installation

Network Solutions vs Web.com: What do they work for?

What is Network Solutions?

Network solutions - Network Solutions vs Web.com

Among Network Solutions vs Web.com, the Network Solutions is a part of the Web.com group of companies. It offers versatile services including website security services, website creation, business mail, domain name registration, and much more. Network Solutions helps individuals/small businesses to grow in the online world. Additionally, the provider is one of the leading names in the online hosting and marketing industries.

Network Solution Review

This is the oldest website builder among Network Solutions vs Web.com, and provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor interface, so you can easily design and create your website. The builder is a bit expensive and offers a specific set of features with every subscription plan, but some of its features are worth spending.

What is Web.com?

Among Network Solutions vs Web.com, Web.com is an e-commerce and website-building platform for small-scale businesses. Web.com contains E-commerce features for appointment scheduling, marketplace scheduling, and shipping. The provider also offers, domains, reliable hosting, and emails for business owners worried about website branding. Therefore, you can manage all of your online customers in a single place.

Web.com Review

Web.com review

This website builder from Network Solutions vs Web.com is most versatile by allowing users to either build their websites themselves or hire Web.com’s team to do so. The drag-and-drop interface of the builder alongside social media integration makes it one of the leading services in the market. Other than this you can easily create your professional website just within an hour through this web builder.

Pros and Cons

Some of the renowned benefits and drawbacks of Network Solutions vs. Web.com are explained in the below section of this article. You can compare these pros and cons to select a suitable website builder from Network Solutions vs Web.com, for your business.

Network Solutions


  • Renewal price remains the same
  • Domain lock is available
  • One-month free web hosting trial
  • Domain registration long-term options (10, 20, 100, etc. years)
  • All domains contain DNSSEC


  • Quite expensive in comparison to competitors
  • Customer support is not 24/7 chat



  • Secure website hosting
  • Drag-and-drop easy website builder
  • E-commerce advanced features
  • Free domain names
  • Offers advertising credits and site statistics for website promotion


  • No free plan is included
  • Lacks cloud hosting and VPS plans

Uptime and Reliability

Among Network Solutions vs We.com, Network Solutions does not offer a guaranteed uptime as per their Service Agreement. On the other hand, Web.com offers guaranteed 99.99 percent uptime. This makes Web.com a reliable option for website building although Network Solutions is one of the leading services around.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

Network Solutions vs Web.com offers three shared hosting plans with specific essential features. Let’s have a look at the section below of this Network Solutions vs Web.com comparison article, to better understand these plans:

Network Solutions

Plan Price No. of Domains No. of IP Addresses Bandwidth Storage
Essential Hosting $9.96/month 100 1000 Unlimited 300GB
Professional Hosting $13.29/month 100 2500 Unlimited 500GB
Premium Hosting $29.13/month 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Plan Price No. of Domains No. of IP Addresses Bandwidth Storage
Essential Hosting $5.95/month Unlimited 100 Unlimited 300GB
Professional Hosting $7.95/month Unlimited 500 Unlimited 500GB
Premium Hosting $9.95/month Unlimited 1000 Unlimited Unlimited

Network Solutions also Offers VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Price No. of Domains No. of IP Addresses Bandwidth RAM Storage
VPS Essential Hosting $40.00/month 10 1 500 GB 1 GB 10GB
VPS Professional Hosting $80.00/month 100 1 2000 GB 1 GB 50GB

Customer Support

Here, both services of Network Solutions vs Web.com have a plus point, as Network Solutions web builder offers 24/7 customer support through phone, tickets, and emails. You can also go through FAQs and knowledge base support for quick instructions. Besides this, Web.com provides 24/7 support via email and phone. The company stays active on Twitter and Facebook for customer interactions. It also features several articles to deliver information about their latest activities.


Among Network Solutions vs Web.com, Network Solutions offers a basic-level custom control panel for the users. The included tools are FTP, domain tools, script installs, email, site builder, and stats. In contrast, Web.com comes with an easy-to-use control panel that helps with setting up and management of a domain. However, the website does not specify the type/brand of this control panel, which makes it a custom panel. The Linux hosting control panel of this provider contains renowned applications like WordPress, Drupal, and PHProject. Moreover, it is convenient for Windows users to manage all services.

Key Attributes

Both Network Solutions vs Web.com offer numerous key features, for instance, the process of domain registration is very simple in Network Solutions as well and it comes with extra security features with an additional fee. Web.com’s user interface is quite user friendly and the users can create their website just within an hour. For more details let’s have a look at the features of both website builders given below in this Network Solutions vs Web.com.

Network Solutions

This software offers a range of website-related attributes, like web builder plans, web hosting plans, domain name registration, etc. Letโ€™s have a look at some key services of the site;

Domain Registration

The domain name registration process of Network Solutions is relatively straightforward. Similar to other registrars, you can search a domain name to find its availability in domain extensions. However, unlike others, this service does not display price details until the checkout process.

Website Security

Network Solutions offers extra protection security plans starting at a $7.99/month starting price. These packages include malware scans (up to 500 pages) daily, automatic malware removal, and regular vulnerability scans. Further, it sells SSL certificates at $76.89/year rates with a two-year commitment.

Business Email

The provider permits business email hosting so you can create a custom business email address. To keep them unique, email addresses are constructed as per the user’s domain names. In addition, this plan starts at $1.75/month with 25 GB per inbox storage. Users can opt for an upgraded Professional Email Plus plan for extra storage.


This is an appealing website builder for all sizes of businesses. Letโ€™s have a look at some chief benefits of the Web.com service:

Easy to Use

The simple interface of Web.com assists through easy steps to create/manage websites effectively. It lets you customize the look and functionality of a site through a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, you can predesign content blocks to make video galleries/custom photos, promotional banners, and much more.

E-commerce Advanced Features

Web.com permits e-commerce dedicated features only with eCommerce Premium/Essential plans. With these subscriptions, you can create online mobile-responsive stores having unlimited categories and products. Besides this, the provider connects with renowned shipping carriers to offer real-time shipping rates.

Social Media Integration

Web.com offers social media integrations for various platforms like Pinterest, Disqus, and Instagram. You can add a Pinterest โ€˜Pin Itโ€™ button, showcase Instagram Feeds or link your social media profiles. Moreover, you can sell on Instagram or Facebook to increase followers through its e-commerce Premium/Essential plan.

Hosting and Domains

The website builder comes with a free domain voucher for the first year and secure web hosting on all plans. If you already have a website, you can buy its standard plan for hosting services only. Additionally, domain pricing varies according to the extension you select ranging from $9.95 to $39.99 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities of the best website builder?

A good website builder offers themes/templates, domain registration, web hosting, and bandwidth allowances. Most of all, all these features must be given with reasonable price packages. You can have a look at the two best website builders comparison given above, Network Solutions vs Web.com.

Are Network Solutions and Web.com are same?

Network Solutions is a subsidiary of Web.com. Both help in building and hosting websites while offering versatile features and plans.

Does Network Solutions work as a domain provider?

The service is the first domain registrar worldwide. Both newcomers and previous customers can easily transfer their website services to this hosting provider.
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