Network Solutions is one of the original website builders roughly twenty years older than GoDaddy. Procured by in 2011, the service continues to deliver economical shared web-building plans with superb uptime and reliability. GoDaddy may be twenty years younger than Network Solutions, but it escorts feature-rich building plans on the table at cheap prices. Network Solutions vs GoDaddy, both offer a specific set of features but only one can reach the finish line first. Check out our comparison below to understand which one surpasses the other and suits your site.

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy: Quick Comparison

  Network Solutions GoDaddy
Pros ✔️Amazing website-building software ✔️Dependable customer support
Reliable Uptime
✔️Great sharing, e-commerce, and ✔️WordPress options
✔️Prominent domain registrar
✔️Large mailbox storage
✔️Advanced security and backup are available
✔️Plesk Control Panel and cPanel interface
Cons ❌No options for the Windows server
❌Less intuitive interface
❌No live chat support
❌Extra charges for backup, security, and Microsoft
Starting Price $15.99/month $5.99/month
Market Segments Small-businesses Small-businesses
Overview Best known for being a reliable and affordable service Best known for website creation or domain name purchase
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, FAQs, knowledge base, email, and phone 24/7 FAQs, knowledge base, email, and phone
Deployment SaaS, Web-based, Cloud SaaS, Web-based, Cloud

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy: An Overview

Network solutions - Network Solutions vs GoDaddy

The article is all about what Network Solutions vs GoDaddy has to offer its users. Perhaps as the prolonged surviving brand in the web-building industry, Network Solutions still holds power. Although a few odd business tactics have left the service behind several others. GoDaddy on the other hand is exceptionally renowned in the web world with quick and easy website-building plans. The site offers domain name selection, hosting sign-up, and online business building at low cost. GoDaddy offers dedicated and virtual servers as well.


Network Solutions aims to serve a large number of entrepreneurs with offerings from professional design services and do-it-yourself web builders to specialized e-commerce and WordPress services. If you are specifically intent on webmail, GoDaddy comes with an intuitive interface to keep up the unlimited email accounts you hold as a customer. It can be a great web-building deal, particularly for small business owners, and for first-timers.

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy: Website Building Solutions

Network Solutions GoDaddy
Network Solutions website hosting/building plans can get you an online professional presence quickly as it aims at small businesses and individuals who are new to the eccentric world, GoDaddy utilizes a custom-designed web builder with easy access to numerous content management systems, to offer user-friendly building options to customers.
Like many other drag-and-drop website builders, it does not contain much originality to website building tools, although does focus on creating professional websites at affordable plans. GoDaddy packages offer these features at zero additional rates. Combined with built-in marketing tools it permits seamless integration to your website to attract most visitors.
It’s a big name in the domain registrar market, including one free domain registration year with signup. This world-famous domain name registrar also contains a GoDaddy domain for free with an annual hosting plan.
A wizard-driven simple website builder that can be customized with your choice of colors and logos. Upgraded plans for e-commerce and online marketing.Free email and domain    Wizard-driven simple website builder Customize with your choice of colors and logosUpgraded plans for e-commerce and online marketing. Free email and domain   

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy: Reliability and Uptime

This section of Network Solutions vs Godaddy explains the reliability and uptime that both services offer. Let’s have a look below for more understanding about the performance of Network Solutions vs GoDaddy.



Network Solutions offers twofold regular processing speed with its Professional/Professional Plus plans. While GoDaddy permits limited access to speedy Solid State Device servers for data storage.


Reliability and uptime are two aspects that you can’t question until your website seems down and can’t connect with your customers quickly. Both Network Solutions and Go Daddy have exceeded expectations with 99.9 percent uptime. However, Network Solutions acquires a slight edge with 100% uptime measurement as per customer analysis.


Numerous data centers, specifically in different countries, permit a web builder to switch website locations for small loads of benefits. Network Solutions is not imminent with its data center locations nor how much it maintains. GoDaddy on the other hand has 7 data centers in the U.S. along with 1 in Europe and a few in Asia. Additionally, both companies ensure reliability through isolated electrical systems, building monitoring systems, cooling, and redundant power at data centers.

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy: Comparable Features

On the surface both Network Solutions vs GoDaddy web builders offer a broad range of features, we are only focusing on the ones that have prime importance in website building success.

Website Building specifications

Network Solution is a winner here as comes at no cost with every hosting package. With it, you can fairly construct an attractive and sophisticated website. Unlike other free building tools, you can use this one to put basic HTML and JavaScript on the page. The website builder of GoDaddy is renowned for providing attractive sites. The only drawback is it comes at a monthly fee. 

Domain Registration

There’s no significant difference between Network Solutions and GoDaddy here. Both services offer domain name purchases, and both let you transfer your existing domains. Besides, you can get a free domain name with a year contract of each builder. Just note that Network Solution has an incredible $37.99/year renewal fee for a domain name.


GoDaddy contains an SQL database with all plans and its ultimate Windows plan has MySQL unlimited databases. In the Network Solutions case, it’s unclear which plan has SQL databases.


No matter what website builders offer in terms of backups, we suggest you maintain your backups regularly. Network Solutions and GoDaddy also hold a few backup solutions for you. Network Solutions offers nightly backups but with limited space and you can keep these backups for seven days. You can also use its On Demand Backup package with monthly charges with a maximum of 5GB disk space.  If you are going for GoDaddy services, it’s going to charge you for restore and backup services. You will get a set amount of storage and automatic daily backups with its packages.

Ease of Use

Your website builder should hold a simple interface to keep versatile operational parameters easy. GoDaddy is a winner here with intuitive industry-standard cPanel, convenient for newbies also. Unlike this, Network Solutions holds a custom-designed interface with few complicated steps. Although it seems attractive but navigation process is not easy specifically for newbies.  

Network Solutions vs GoDaddy: Plans and Pricing

Both Services Network Solutions vs GoDaddy offer versatile subscription plans with a distinct set of features. The following section of this Network Solutions vs GoDaddy article will explain both Network Solutions vs GoDaddy plans and their key attributes, so you can choose as per your requirements and budget.

Network Solutions Plans

Plan Standard Essential   Professional   Professional Plus
Price $5.69/month $9.96/month $15.78/month $21.62/month
Best for Starters Personal Sites Entrepreneurs Small Businesses
Attributes 150GB website storage
Five email boxes
One website support  
300GB website storage
Three websites support
Free malware scanning
100 email boxes
Unlimited storage
Unlimited websites support
Free malware scanning plus removal
Unlimited email boxes Domain name
Unlimited storage
Unlimited websites support Domain name
Free malware scanning plus removal
Unlimited email boxes
SSL certificate

GoDaddy Plans

Plan Economy Deluxe   Ultimate Maximum Plus
Price $4.33/month $7.99/month $12.99/month $19.99/month
Best for Starters Multiple Sites Sites with heavy Traffic Complex Sites
Attributes 100GB website storage
Free domain
One website support
24/7 security Free business email
Unlimited bandwidth DDoS protection
100GB website storage
Free Domain
One website support
24/7 security Free business email
Unlimited bandwidth DDoS protection
Unmetered storage Unlimited sub-domains
Unlimited websites support
24/7 security
Free business email Unlimited bandwidth DDoS protection
SSL free certificate 2x memory + processing
Unmetered storage
Unlimited sub-domains
Unlimited websites support
24/7 security
Free business email
Unlimited bandwidth
DDoS protection
SSL free certificate
2x memory + processing
2x website traffic

Reasons to Select Network Solutions over GoDaddy

  • Slight Uptime edge
  • Managed, secure WordPress hosting
  • Specifically to promote small-scale businesses
  • People with business applications want to establish a web presence

Why you need to prefer GoDaddy over Network Solutions

  • All web building requirements in a single package
  • Offers both Windows and Linux web hosting
  • E-commerce integrated package
  • One-click installation for numerous apps
  • A large company with a proven/established reputation
  • Higher chances for growth with professional hosting packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Network Solutions and GoDaddy offer similar services?

Both Network Solutions vs GoDaddy offer quite a similar set of services. However, GoDaddy is a step ahead with more growth chances for professionals. Its e-commerce package and cheap domain name rates are keeping it strong. For more details you can have a close look at the BNtework Solutions vs GoDaddy article above.

Which one is an older website builder Network Solutions or GoDaddy?

Network Solutions is 20 years older than GoDaddy and since 2011 it has been a subsidiary of the group of companies.
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