We live in the era of technology and the internet, and even though there is no doubt in our ruminating minds about the wondrousness of cyber tech, we still can’t get used to the scammers and the dangers lurking in its deep dark corners. Therefore, before doing any business with internet trading platforms, the one thing that we run faster than Usain Bolt to is customer reviews. These reviews give us the courage to spend our hard-earned money on internet businesses. Therefore, you won’t mind us saying that in today’s day and time, reviews speak louder than actions.

So, if you are building a website, and wishing to sell your products on the internet, the first thing that you need to do is make sure you give reviews the place they deserve. Without reviews and feedback, people will be skeptical in doing business with you. Website builders, being the stepping stones on which you raise your business, provide you with review templates. Therefore, we decided that we will tell you about 10 best customer review templates for reviews and feedback. Let’s get reviewing then.

10 Best Customer Review Templates for Reviews and Feedback

Following are the 10 best customer review templates in the website building market. Not only will they make your website stand out but will also display reviews in the most stunning way possible.

  • Degraw by Squarespace – When beauty meets trust
  • Tech Company by Wix – When minimalism meets catchy
  • Lanily by GoDaddy – For the love of five stars
  • Keysound Store by Web.com – Where Instagram comes to review
  • Wedding Planner by Wix – Elude your wedding stress, leave a review
  • Barbosa by Squarespace – When beauty meets impact
  • Tim Johnson by SITE123 – A testimonial for the freelancer
  • Tech Shop by IONOS – When hardy met hearty
  • Life Coach by Web.com – Where we put your reviews in the spotlight
  • Amy and Associates by GoDaddy – A perfect blend of clean and sober 

Summary Table – 10 Best Customer Review Templates

Don’t have time to read the entire article? Consult the table given below in which we have mentioned all the basic information about the 10 best customer review templates.

10 Best Customer Review Templates Price Website Builder Best For
Degraw Free Squarepace Image-heavy websites
Tech Company Free Wix Online stores
Lanily Free GoDaddy Beauty products websites
Keysound Store Free Web.com Various online stores
Wedding Planner Free Wix Wedding websites
Barbosa Free Squarespace Hotels and restaurants
Tim Johnson Free SITE123 Freelancers
Tech Shop Free IONOS Tech stores
Life Coach Free Web.com Coaching websites
Amy and Associates Free GoDaddy Consultants and lawyers

10 Best Customer Review Templates – Overview

We gave brief overviews of all the 10 best customer review templates in which mentioned everything from their design to their features. Keep on reading to find out what they have to offer.

1. Degraw by Squarespace – NO#1 Among the 10 Best Customer Review Templates

Degraw by Squarespace - 10 Best Customer Review Templates

Being the kind of people who gravitate towards everything pretty we can’t help but fall head over heels for Squarespace. With the help of this artistic website builder, you can easily build stunning image-heavy websites, with its beautiful templates acting like a siren call, luring in customers for you. One such template that truly caught our eye and will be a great fit for small businesses is Degraw. This template is a perfect choice for small businesses that provide professional services like career coaching, interior designing, or consultancy.

Degraw places customer testimonials on the homepage, under the “services” block, next to a photo of your happy client with their toothy smile, catching the attention of visitors. By making reviews the center of the website, Degraw invokes a sense of trustworthiness and loyalty, compelling customers to do business with you. 

2. Tech Company by Wix

Tech Company by Wix

Wix is known all around the globe for being the most efficient and effective website builder, that made 10.8 million dreams come true. Being the ever-efficient website builder it is, it of course harbours a great template that puts customer reviews front and center. Meet Tech company by Wix, which is as sleek and as innovative as the latest tech. This template places customer reviews in neat boxes on your homepage, making it easy for visitors to spot them.

This tactic makes it difficult for visitors to ignore the reviews, pushing them to consider doing business with you. With how clean and organized this template is, your website will invoke a sense of calmness and serenity in those who will be lucky enough to visit.

3. Lanily by GoDaddy

Lanily by GoDaddy

Where beauty meets brains, that is where you will find a website with the Lanily template. This template by GoDaddy is a perfect choice for businesses dealing in beauty products, let it be skin, face, hair, beard products, or something else beauty-related, Lanily will make your products shine. When it comes to reviews, Lanily just brought something new to the table, it included star ratings. That’s right, star ratings. They are perfect for those who are too lazy to type an entire paragraph of praise and admiration.

For online stores, star ratings are a perfect fit as they very efficiently and quickly give a visual representation of customer satisfaction. Moreover, with how fast-paced lives our are, we appreciate anything that doesn’t take up much of our time. 

4. Keysound Store by Web.com

Keysound Store by Web.com

Web.com is always on the lookout for something new, introducing novel and never-before-seen features and aspects. Keysound Store is a perfect example of the website builder’s love for all things novel. You might be wondering, what makes Keysound Store unique from others? We applaud your wonderment. Well, this template introduced a unique way for customers to leave a review, incorporating a feature via which they can add their Instagram accounts to the review. By doing this the new visitors will find the reviews to be more trustworthy and convincing, because who would want to leave their socials on a good for nothing review? 

5. Wedding Planner by Wix

Wedding Planner by Wix

For all of you wedding planners out there, reuniting two hearts in love, Wix has an exclusive template to honor your services called the Wedding Planner. This beautiful and sober template will not only calm the raging nerves of a bride or groom down but will also give them the push to do business with you by featuring your reviews as beautiful love letters on your homage. As a reward for your services, you can ask your clients to leave a review along with their wedding photos to help you boost your business, bring in more customers, and make more dreams come true.

6. Barbosa by Squarespace

Barbosa by Squarespace

Everything, every theme, every template that Squarespace houses is an epitome of beauty. Barbosa is another beautifully designed template that is an ideal fit for rental companies and hotel websites. And we all know how important reviews are for hotels, half of the world makes accommodation choices based on reviews. With Barbosa, you can select the most impactful customer reviews and place them on your home page right before the button displaying “Book a room”. Moreover, the template is also easy to navigate and awe-inspiringly beautiful, providing a stellar user experience. 

7. Tim Johnson by SITE123

Tim Johnson by SITE123

To honour all the freelancers, who strive hard to make a mark in the world, SITE123 has designed an exclusive theme under the name Tim Johnson. The business of freelancers depends heavily on reviews and SITE123 understands that. Therefore, with Tim Johnson, you can feature detailed testimonials on your homepage and accentuate them by adding photos and professional info. By reading such detailed reviews, clients will be more inclined to do business with you. So, don’t forget to ask your clients for a decent review once you get the job done. 

8. Tech Shop by IONOS

Tech Shop by IONOS

This template is geared towards tech stores, featuring themes of grey and black. Tech Shop by IONOS places customer reviews on a pedestal, giving them the spotlight they deserve. You can also add personal photos and details of the clients if they give you permission, as by doing so you will instill in the minds of your visitors that your brand is legit, and your work is trustworthy.

9. Life Coach by Web.com

A theme that is geared towards the profession of coaching that brings about a positive change in a person’s life. The template features a calm and soothing blue tone that instantly catches the visitor’s eye. Life Coach by Web.com values the importance of reviews and places them front and center, right under the spotlight, where visitors can easily access them. You can ask your clients to leave long reviews on how your coaching helped them achieve their goals, and how satisfied they are with your work. These testimonials are what will help you land more clients.

10. Amy and Associates by GoDaddy

Amy and Associates by GoDaddy

This theme places immense focus on reviews, allowing you to place them in the main menu under “Testimonials”. The theme is an ideal fit for lawyers and consultants due to its sober design style. Moreover, its vertical navigation also makes it easy for the clients to travel across your website. The reviews also come with star ratings, that give visitors a quick visual representation of your work and customer satisfaction. Therefore, do ask your clients to leave you a solid review that can help you grow your business. 

10 Best Customer Review Templates – Selection Criteria

Numerous templates were tested and examined before the ones mentioned above made it to the 10 best customer review templates list. Their design, customisability, mobile responsiveness, and features were tested and compared.

Design of 10 Best Customer Review Templates – As we all are well aware, in a website its design matters the most, as the design will not only help attract visitors but will also compel them to explore your website further. Therefore, we included the most stunningly beautiful temples in the 10 best customer review templates list.

Customisability of 10 Best Customer Review Templates – These templates offer limited customisability as the website builders that harbor them are geared more toward novices and beginners. However, the 10 best customer review templates are customisable enough that you can modify them to add a unique and personal touch.

Mobile Responsiveness of 10 Best Customer Review Templates – These days a mobile responsive website has become a must if you want your business to reach unprecedented success. Therefore, only the mobile responsive templates are included in the 10 best customer review templates list.

Features of 10 Best Customer Review Templates – Every template mentioned in the 10 best customer review templates list carries with it a distinct set of features and tools that will help with the functionality of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do website builders offer templates for free?

Most website builders like Wix offer themes and templates that are free to use. However, some website builders ask anywhere between $10 to $150 for premium templates. 

Can I customize Squarespace templates?

Yes, all the templates offered by Squarespace are customizable and can be modified with the help of a drag-and-drop editor. 

Are the templates offered by Web.com mobile responsive? 

Yes, all the templates offered by Web.com are mobile responsive.
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