IP address is a unique identifier that works as a passport for your internet, assigned to your internet connection. It allows you to connect and communicate with other servers and devices to determine your geographical locations. There are different types of IPs, mainly; dynamic and static. To a VPN server, the dynamic IP is allocated automatically and every time user connects to the same server, it changes.

However, static VPN IP addresses are offered by some VPN services which do not change regardless of how many times a user reconnects. There are VPN services that provide an extra feature of a dedicated IP address usually for an extra cost. This static IP address allows one to connect without enabling anyone else to use it. This article is all about what is a static VPN IP address? and why do you need it.

Thus, this guide will help to learn what is the static VPN IP address? Why you need a static IP address while using VPN? It will also answer questions about the difference between dynamic and static IP addresses, and which type is better to use for VPNs. Lastly, the list of best VPN services with a feature of static IP address is given.

What is a Static VPN IP Address? Why do VPN Users Need It?

This section of the article What Is a Static VPN IP Address? explains VPN static IP does not change and is directly assigned to you. A VPN static IP address is based at a place of eight available locations of your picking. It would never be seized to be available for the user. As it is only assigned to the one and to not any other LimeVPN user. If you are able to access most of the required websites while using VPN then you probably do not need a static IP address.

There is a different story for those who cannot safely access their domestic, business network, or anything else. Here, the user can get help from the whitelisting of IP. If captchas are regularly hassling your web life, to make it less irritating, use static or dedicated IP.

In case, you are unsure about the usefulness of static IP addresses for web life hassles then just try one to get the answer of What Is a Static VPN IP Address? and its need. Before trying it, let’s know the fact that there is monthly billing at flat rates that make static IP addresses expensive. Adding a static IP address for a month to your account will help you know its use for your web life.

What are the key differences between dynamic and static IP addresses?

this section of article what Is a Static VPN IP Address? highlights that IP address functions as a passport on the internet, that allows you to connect and communicate with other servers and devices. It also determines your geographical locations. IP addresses are mainly categorized into three types; dynamic, static, and dedicated.

The dedicated IP address is a static IP address as it also not changes and is exclusively used by one user. The key differences between dedicated and static IP addresses in terms of VPN services are; offering and number of users. The similarities that make a dedicated IP address a static IP are:

  • Fixed IP,
  • Cost extra charges
  • Tied to one region
  • Smooth Browsing
  • Secure access to private remote business servers.

Let’s explore the difference between dynamic and static IP addresses in this article What Is a Static VPN IP Address? which are mainly based on the following aspects.

Dynamic IP Address Static IP  Address
The IP address is changeable Fixed IP Address
Widely available on different VPN services Offered by only some VPN services while rarely a VPN service offers a dedicated IP
By default enabled Charges an extra fee
All VPN users share this IP A group of users can access while in dedicated IP only one user can access
Guaranteed anonymity  The number of users defines anonymity but in dedicated IP is linked to one user 
Wherever there is a server, the IP can be assigned Tied to one region
Prone to frequent verification checks and captchas Smooth browsing
For remote access, it is unable to bypass IP whitelists Secure access to private remote business servers
Difference between dynamic and static IP addresses

Which type of IP address is better while connected through VPNs?

So based on the above differences between a static and dynamic IP address, VPN users can choose based on the following criteria described in this article what Is a Static VPN IP Address?:

Remote Access Security

Static IP address provides a permanent IP that ensures safe online access. Business networks require static IP address as it is in their default settings to access the network. This provides secure remote access by preventing unauthorized user’s entry into the network.

High-level server control

Get a static IP subscription, which sometimes provides direct access to the server of your IP. This ensures high-level server control.

Transaction Security

Websites like PayPal and Gmail check users’ IP addresses at times of logging in. Various website will block you, if your IP is constantly changing which requires you to verify every time. Using static IP address is the solution to problem of constantly changing IP.  


Static VPN IP address enables a better streaming experience as it prevents streaming sites from geo-blocking.


Gaming through dynamic IPs, the downtime possibilities are high as ISP are unable to assign a dynamic IP. Here, a static VPN IP address significantly reduces the possibility of downtime during gaming.

Bypass Firewall

A static IP address improves network security by enabling to connect whitelisted IPs only. You can whitelist the static VPN IP thus the firewall will enable users with matching specified addresses to connect.

Browsing Experience

A VPN with static IP will encrypt your connection for securing online activities from ISP. Here, FTP-restricted access to your IP helps improving server security. The static IP address prevents banning a user from a website because of the access to the geo-restricted services

How to get a Static VPN IP address?

Not all VPN service providers offer static IP addresses. Most VPN services ask you to buy a static IP address within the website of the providers’ account area. Then the added cost will show on the top of the current subscription to the VPN service. You need to follow, the steps mentioned below in this article What Is a Static VPN IP Address?, to get a static VPN IP address:

Step 1

Go to the account section on the website of your VPN service, log into your client area VPN

Step 2

Under the subscription, adds-ons, or port forwarding, navigate to the setup area for static IP

Step 3

Choose a preferred length of subscription and location for the server to purchase a static IP

Step 4

A random token will be generated by a top-rated VPN that you would not be allowed to access again. So just note down the generated token.

Step 5

In the general settings of the VPN, find the static IP section and then put the information generated in step-4. To redeem the token, open the VPN.

What is the best static VPN IP address?

Most of the VPN services do not offer static IP address, so it can be availed and used in different ways. Here in this article What Is a Static VPN IP Address? is an in-depth methodology based on four key testing criteria to assess VPN static IPs; price, anonymity, IP address type, and server location:

  • Price: Affordable
  • Anonymity: Does not links to user account to make it completely anonymous
  • IP address type: Both dedicated and residential
  • Server location: Availability at multiple locations

Which VPN services are best to use a static IP?

The best VPNs for using a static IP based on the criteria mentioned above are the following highlighted in this section of the article what Is a Static VPN IP Address? The recommendations are made after testing the set criteria:

Private Internet Access (PIA): Overall best for VPN static IP

This is among the highest-rated VPNs and is best for getting a static IP address overall. The anonymity of online activity is guaranteed through a token-based system. It ensures, no left paper trail between your account and static IP.

PIA is easy in its working and setting up following activation within the app of VPN. The static IP on PIA is dedicated. That gives you full autonomy over removing verification checks and IP addresses from the browsing experience.

It is not just good in server location, anonymity, and IP address type but also in cost. As the subscription cost for a dedicated IP is an additional $5.00/month on top of PIA subscription standards. If this cost is higher, you can buy an affordable two years plan of PIA which cost $2.19/month.

The speed of the VPN static IP is impressive with an average of 79Mbps downloading speed. That is higher than torrenting, HD streaming, and general browsing. The dedicated IP by PIA is the best as it works better at geo-restricted content unblocking.

Surfshark: The best affordable VPN for static IP

Surfshark- What Is a Static VPN IP Address?

It is the only VPN service that offers an affordable static IP address in its default subscription. The sign-up cost is as low as $2.30/month on a plan of two years which makes it the best affordable VPN. Major limitation of Surfshark services is that the static IP address server is accessible to all its users.

All its users have access to the same server which makes thousands of users connect simultaneously. Thus, aside from a game server hosting, the benefit of using a static IP is negated in Surfshark VPN. Your web activities are likely to seem suspicious which can lead to prompt Captchas.

The VPN service will share your remote service access with other users. So the streaming sites are able to recognize the VPN from where the traffic is coming. Therefore, Surfshark service is for those who are looking for a VPN service with default static IP and no high additional costs.

CyberGhost: Best affordable, anonymous, and fastest VPN


Recently, the VPN service has added a dedicated IP option with an extra fee for users to its services. The dedicated IP of CyberGhost is more private than any other VPN service provider. CyberGhost provides a token to its users for static IP address which they can redeem in their app.

That further enables you to connect to the assigned dedicated IP without any ties to the account of CyberGhost. The drawback is that user gets only one token that you need to note down for future use. In case of losing it, your access to the dedicated IP will no longer be available. Thus, reinstalling or activating a new app of VPN will require you to generate a new token at an extra cost.

Their servers are located in more than 60 countries and users have choice to choose from a wider range. Further, the VPN meets all standards of security and performance including a kill switch, leak protection, and strong encryption. The best part is its feature to unblock content based on region-locked and has the fastest speed for HD video streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any free VPN service that offers static IP?

Currently, there is no free VPN service with a static IP. So, you can go for a VPN service that has static IP in their default subscription with no or minimal additional cost. Surfshark service has a static IP address in its default subscription at a minimum cost of $2.30/month. For a VPN static IP at a lower additional cost but with higher anonymity, then subscribe to CyberGhost. At a cost of $2.11/month, you will get the best value for money in terms of VPN static IP.

Why is VPN static IP addresses more expensive?

The majority of circulated IP addresses use the IPv4 protocol instead of the newer protocol, IPv6. IPv4 uses a 32-bit address structure that reduces IP address number to 4.3 billion. Both VPN and ISP services, conserve the circulated limited number of IP addresses, depending on the dynamic IP address. That continuously recycles the same IPs. That makes static IPs a finite commodity leading to its price rise.

Is there an impact of static IP on internet speed?

Most of the time, a static IP would not increase internet speed as it depends entirely on ISP. That decides the bandwidth allocation which impacts the internet speed. The ISP prioritizes the static IP, thus, the ISP is responsible for the internet speed not the static IP. For more details you can have a look at the article above What Is a Static VPN IP Address?
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