The popular streaming platform HBO Max has recently been renamed as ‘Max’ only. The new plans are to blend HBO Max’s existing library with Discovery+ content. This name change is specifically implemented to promote Max as a family-friendly site with increased content. Another reason for dropping HBO from the name is to protect the HBO brand from a potential delusion of associating it with non-prestigious TV shows. In the article below you can closely go through the HBO Max review to better understand the streaming platform and its latest trends.

The HBO Max’s extensive catalog has globally grown its audience to 75 million, approximately, three years of its launch (May 2020). The streaming site contains numerous attention-worthy characters and titles from classic and contemporary works. For instance, DC heroes like Superman, House of the Dragon, Elvis, Tony Soprano, and comedy stars. Moreover, the app has all HBO originals such as Rick and Morty, Emmy-winning Euphoria and Succession, The Lord of the Rings, etc. Let’s dive deep into this HBO Max review to get the details of Max features, subscriptions, and many more.

HBO Max Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Access to HBO-exclusive originals At a high cost, even when ads are included
Adding the latest content, consistently Not a compatible standalone service
Parental control, alongside mature content Lack of lifestyle and reality tv programs
Two subscription packages are available No free trials are available
Easy-to-navigate simple interface Requires VPN for worldwide streaming
Three devices simultaneously streaming  

HBO Max Review: Key Features


This HBO Max review highlights Max, which stands among those streaming sites that significantly impact the industry with its exclusive and high-quality content. As it offers a wide range of content libraries, from TV shows and movies to original programs and documentaries. Let’s have a keen look at certain beneficial features of the site discussed in this HBO Max review:

Exclusive Content

The most prominent feature of the service described in this HBO Max review is its exclusive list of content. The streaming service comes up with extensive original programming, together with popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, and The Sopranos. Further, the site offers numerous fresh original series like The Gilded Age, The Flight Attendant, and The Nevers. All of these contents have marked an exclusive strike after release. Most importantly, you cannot find any of these hits on other streaming sites, as only Max is providing streams.

Immense Content Library

HBO Max in addition to exclusive content, has a wide range of TV shows and movies. The service offers a large content library including classic TV shows and movies alongside contemporary works, few prominent ones are mentioned in this HBO Max review. Thus, whatever your mood is, it’s comedy, action, drama, etc. you can have it on Max’s account. The only drawback is that the service is not directly available in all parts of the world, and requires a VPN to bypass the restrictions except United States.

Prime-Quality Content

HBO Max has gained a reputable place in the streaming market because of its high-quality content. The service delivers a wide range of TV shows and movies in HDR, 4K UHD, and Dolby Vision. This means you can have your favorite show with stunning details and accuracy. picture quality. This HBO Max review highlights the requirements which are a compatible device and a fast internet connection, only.

Multiple-Streaming Options

The service is accessible on various devices, some of which are given in this HBO Max review, like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. You can select any of these devices as per your preference for your favorite show on Max. Additionally, the HBO Max application allows multiple streams, simultaneously. Hence, you can share your account with friends and family. There’s no need to get anxious about conflicting viewing schedules.

Parental Control (Family-Friendly Content)

One of the most prominent features almost every family searches before getting a streaming site’s subscription is described in this HBO Max review, parental control. Therefore, Max can be a great choice for parents due to its family-friendly content option. The service allows parents to restrict the content library for their children. Moreover, it suggests numerous movies and shows appropriate for kids. Some popular titles include Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and Sesame Street.

HBO Max Review: What Content is Available on the Service?

HBO Max - HBO Max review

HBO Max after recently merging with Discovery+, contains approximately 35,000 hours of content, including HBO originals. The streaming site is the best platform to catch HBO originals and award-winning programming. The hit originals include ‘The Sopranos’ a classic gangster series and ‘Game of Thrones’ a fantasy epic. Other HBO successes are the Curb Your Enthusiasm comedy series, Gossip Girl a teen drama, Deadwood 1870s western drama set.

The current additions to this content roster comprise Big Little Lies, which stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Other new works include Silicon Valley startup culture parody, Watchmen comic action-based series, and Westworld. Recently, Max has announced live-streaming services for US Men’s and Women’s National Team 20+ soccer matches.

Original HBO Max Productions

HBO Max undeniably has a huge catalog, and like its contemporaries, the streamer continually adds extensive classics and originals. This original content of the site never fails to attract potential subscribers. Hence, the platform’s original titles are massive and ever-growing, keeping it under top streaming names. Some of the Max renowned originals are mentioned below in this HBO Max review:

  1. Euphoria (with Zendaya)
  2. The Survivor (with Danny DeVito and Ben Foster)
  3. The Flight Attendant (with Michiel Huisman and Kaley Cuoco)
  4. Mare of Easttown (having Kate Winslet)
  5. Barry (having Bill Hader)
  6. The Gilded Age (having Christine Baranski)
  7. Free Guy (with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds)

Few on-demand and excellent HBO Max content described in this HBO Max review includes the following shows and movies:

  1. Made for Love
  2. We Own This City
  3. Insecure
  4. Reno 911!
  5. Fringe
  6. Big Little Lies
  7. The Batman
  8. The King’s Man
  9. Fast and Furious 9
  10. Death on the Nile
  11. High-Rise

Sports on HBO Max

HBO Max always had amazing sports movies, shows, and documentaries. Previously the streamer wasn’t supporting any of the live sports streaming. Recently Max has announced to provide exclusive Men’s and Women’s National Team live soccer matches. Moreover, due to changes in brand collaboration, more sports live events are expected to be in line.

Live TV on HBO Max

The linear/live HBO channels cannot be viewed on HBO Max. Usually, live events and shows are accessible within 24 hours. Further, the HBO shows mostly hit Max after their premiere on HBO.

HBO Max Review: Subscription Packages

HBO Max permits three versatile subscription packages containing distinct advantages. The premium choice can be HBO Max’s ultimate ad-free package, offering three streams and five profile support. Let’s have a look at all three packages and their specifications:

Specifications HBO Max Ad-Supported HBO Max Ad-Free HBO Max Ultimate Ad-Free
Price $9.99 $15.99 $19.99
Content release Late release After one theatrical year of movies When the whole season is released Regular release Seasons after 2-3 weeks of release Movies 6-8 months after theatrical release Early release Instantly after the theatrical and global release of movies and series
Content Language All All All
Compatible devices All devices Tablet and Mobile All devices
Video quality SD SD UHD (4K)
No of profiles Five profiles Five profiles Five profiles
No of streams Two streams One stream 3 streams

HBO Max Web Interface

The web interface of HBO Max uses a dark, elegant design with white and blue accents. The large-sized thumbnails appear fascinating as they do not overflow the structure. The top menu section includes Home, Series, Movies, then HBO, and ends with New & Notable. Downside the page is a hub for other content like DC, CNN, and Food Network. Moreover, you will find a persistent profile icon and search bar at the top of the screen.

HBO Max Mobile App

The download and login process of the HBO Max app is quite simple and can be done within a few minutes. The design and color scheme of the mobile app is quite similar to its web interface. Further, the menu at the bottom contains three icons for navigation: home, then Search, and finally Profile. The Home is identical to the Home section of the web version, displaying featured movies and shows, along with curated content categories when you scroll down the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You get an HBO Max subscription through a provider?

HBO Max is accessible through 70 satellite, TV, mobile, and cable providers, including Hulu, Cox, DIRECTV, YouTube TV, and Xfinity. This applies to billing only, although, unless you are on the website of the company, still you will need the Max app to watch the content. You can go through the HBO Max review above to better understand the Max versatile subscription options.

Are there any kids’ shows on HBO Max?

HBO Max is usually perceived as a premium-quality adult channel. On the contrary, the streaming site is efficient with children’s stuff also, for instance, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, etc. Additionally, some other shows are Adventure Time, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, and many more.

Does HBO Max broadcast Live Sports?

Yes, HBO Max occasionally streams live US football games featuring USWNT and USMNT. Furthermore, sports stuff can be expected with the Warner Bros Discovery addition.
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