Disney+ is quite a young platform in comparison to its competitors. It was launched in November 2019 as a streaming service for entertainment and media giant Disney, in Canada, U.S., and Netherlands. Since then, it has kept expanding to other countries as well like Europe, Latin America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. Other than this, Disney also has a majority stake in Hulu, a famous streaming site. But presently both these two services are working separately.

The streaming service is becoming a powerhouse with the offerings of 4K HDR streaming accompanying hundreds of movies and shows. Further, after a fairly gentle start, Disney Plus has gained immense popularity within no time due to the inclusion of Marvel shows and movies (like Ms. Marvel and the new She-Hulk), Pixar films, Star Wars spin-offs like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor, and both National Geographic and Star TV shows. The article below is all about Disney+ review, explaining its pros and cons, features, subscription plans, etc. Let’s deep dive into the streaming platform through this Disney+ review.

Disney+ Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Family Friendly streaming site, convenient for parents with the option of content selection appropriate to their kid’s age Not enough for people with taste in a wide range of entertainment with different genres and for instance reality Tv and lifestyle
Four streamings simultaneously Comparatively at a high price rate
Lively, and clean interface Does not contain a collection of Spider-Man (a sensation for kids)
Dolby Atmos and 4K UHD Limited original content library
Titles of all content are available to download Does not support a free trial

Disney+ Review: Key Features

The most important thing to note about this platform discussed in this Disney+ Review is, it’s quite convenient for parents, to give their kids some of the best content to watch, which is also age-appropriate. Also, multiple subscriptions allow parents to keep an eye on what their children are watching. Let’s delve into the details of the key benefits of this streaming site through the Disney+ review explained key attributes:

Supports Parental Control

The most prominent feature of the subscription service is Parental Control, which we highlighted in this Disney+ review. A single subscription permits seven profile stimulations, and each one allows content setting according to age. Therefore Disney Plus supports content as per the profile information such as a profile of a kid will only support content that is specifically designed for youngsters. It offers a feature to restrict profile functions set and provides a safeguard of PIN to get access to content.

Lively Design and Interface

The home page of Disney+ appears to be lively and colorful, appealing for kids as well as for adults. For instance, in the app’s primary content section, logos animate when you use your cursor for selection. It means fireworks flutter at the Magic Kingdom behind the logo of Disney, and stars speed up behind Star Wars. AT the beginning of the MCU movie the logo of Marvel turns into a small page-turning graphic, and Toy Story wallpaper’s clouds float behind the logo of Pixar.

The home screen structure of Disney+ is quite similar to other streaming apps, in the way that content appears under symmetrical rows. Starts with the Originals (such as Noelle and Forky Asks a Question and The World According to Jeff Goldblum), then comes Recommended for you like Dumbo live-action remake is beyond me), next is Hit Movies (which may include I won’t ask why, Avatar), Trending (like Simpsons), and Out of the Vault (classics that were not selling out on other platforms by Disney or haven’t sold anywhere).

Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10

This Disney+ review further explains, that the streaming platform supports Ultra HD high and standard resolutions with Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10 supports, which are included too. Dolby Atoms delivers the highest quality for the best audio experiences. In case you don’t have a set-up of Dolby Atoms/Vision, you will get HDR 10/1.5 or maybe less instead, as per the scaling of your AV/TV equipment specs.  IMAX Enhanced is supported too but currently, it streams in Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision.

Allows Group Watch

The Disney Plus allows up to seven family members or friends to observe a similar stream in sync, after getting a subscription to the service. Subscribers can have SharePlay with an iPad, Apple TV, or an iPhone, another way for a FaceTime call interaction. You can even watch documentaries with friends and family, although after leaving off you can’t resume them.

Disney+ Review: Available Content On the Platform

Disney+ - Disney+ Review

Disney+ came into the market with several 652 movies, shorts, TV shows, and other content pieces. Now it contains 832 shows and 1888 movies, approximately, some of their titles are mentioned in this Disney+ review. The only significant issue is that Disney is not efficient enough to add new movies, in comparison to other competitors. Anyhow you’ll get plenty of exciting stuff on this streaming platform because Disney has never disappointed the audiences.

It provides streaming for Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, Star Wars, and to be sure Disney productions. That means this single site is enough for Finding Nemo, the Marvel series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, etc. You will get the whole seasons of The Simpsons (33 in total), that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Original Disney Productions

The major splash of Disney Plus is its originals, for instance, the Star Wars series The Mandalorian which has an interesting character Baby Yoda (Grogu). In movies, the animated Pixar has offered Luca and Soul, alongside Happier than Ever and Black is King. Although Disney+ is a family-oriented streaming station sometimes you can’t predict.

A few Original Disney+ famous productions are mentioned in this Disney+ review:

  1. Godmothered
  2. Ms. Marvel
  3. Turner & Hooch
  4. The Mandalorian
  5. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  6. The Mysterious Benedict Society
  7. What If . . .?
  8. Hawkeye
  9. Andor
  10. Black is King
  11. Forky Asks a Question
  12. High School Musical: The Series
  13. Big Shot
  14. Taylor Swift: Folklore
  15. Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Disney+ Star Wars Shows and Movies

The new 4K with HDR Dolby Vision delivers the best view to the fans of original Star Wars on Disney+. You can stream for original Disney Plus Star Wars like Andor, or a global hit The Mandalorian. Other options that are discussed in this Disney+ review include Skywalker’s complete Saga, starting with Luke’s entrance to the final battle of Rey with Kylo Ren. For animation lovers, Disney has Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels, as well as the Studio Ghibli short Zen–Grogu and Dust Bunnies.

The latest additions to the series are The Acolyte, Ashoka, and Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. This is an animation series specifically designed for young audiences following Jedi younglings. Another one is second in the Star Wars: Visions series, nine studios’ nine new shorts from worldwide, including Triggerfish and Aardman.

Disney+ Marvel Cinematic World

The streaming platform contains nearly every Marvel Movie, excluding only The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man movies by Tom Holland. Among the most famous ones mentioned in this Disney+ review, is Captain America. This means you’ll get everything you want, such as airport giant Civil War Clash, The Winter Soldier excellence, and The First Avenger’s original uplifting story.

Disney+ Review: Subscriptions (Prices & Packages)

Disney Plus offers versatile subscription options with distinct benefits. The most beneficial is the bundle plan with unlimited download options and offline compatibility with 10 devices. Let’s have a look at the table in this Disney+ review, showing packages and their prices;

Package Price Offline Download Offline Viewing Streaming Options User Profiles
Disney+ Basic plan (monthly) $7.99 /per month Not available Not available Four Seven
Disney+ Basic plan (annual) $79.99 /per year Not available Not available Four Seven
Disney+ Premium plan (monthly) $10.99 /per month Unlimited For 10 devices Four Seven
Disney+ Premium plan (annual) $109.99/per year Unlimited For 10 devices Four Seven
Disney+ Bundle plan $12.99 to $19.99 /per month Unlimited For 10 devices Four Seven

Disney+ App on Web

Its web interface shows light text with dark background colors and an organized and clean look with consistent elements. At the top of the screen, you can find a list of menu items in a way: Home, Search, Watchlist, next is Originals, Movies, and ends with Series. In the right-hand upper corner is an icon to lead you toward account and Profile details. You can select preferences, autopay, profile photo, and subscription details.

The home tab shows content featured by Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, and Marvel. Horizontal lists include other popular content, which provides for Trending, Recommended for You, Ultra HD, HDR, Shorts, and Out of the Vault. In the search section, you will find more collections such as Disney Channel, Disney through the Decades, Original Movies, Princesses, and Marvel movies.

Disney+ App on Mobile

The mobile app starts working through signing in and verifying the account through the password Disney sends you via email. The mobile app with colorful content preview and dark background looks sleek, similar to the web interface. The icons are shown on the screen bottom: starting with Home, Search, Downloads, and finalizing with Profile. In the search section, you’ll find The Originals, Movies, Tabs series of live web.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Disney+ is worth it?

Disney Plus offers great value for all subscription plans at an affordable price. Moreover, it delivers many beneficial features like ‘parental control’ and content for all ages. You can find more details in the Disney+ review above.

Is Disney+ for adults too?

There are plenty of movies and series for adults too on the Disney app. For instance, Atlanta, Defenders Saga, Only Murders in The Building, Ready or Not, Free Solo, etc. In the above Disney+ review section few more relevant titles are discussed.

How to unlock the content for 18+ on the Disney App?

Navigate into your profile first, then select the option ‘Edit Profiles’. Here you can select the profile you want to make changes in, Under option ‘parental control’ select the ‘Content rating. Next, enter your set password and click on the content rating you want to add.
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