Curiosity Stream unlike traditional streaming services has focused largely on creating a world of documentaries. The platform is intended for curious-minded and those who remain anxious to learn the latest trends. Further, it was launched in 2015 by the founder of Discovery Channel on the idea that we should always keep learning in engaging ways. The article below Curiosity Stream review has everything you need to know about the service.

The content library of the streamer features 3,000 titles approximately, out of which 900 are exclusives. According to representatives, the company is planning to expand its streaming options up to 11,000 premium titles in the coming five years. Curiosity stream covers a wide range of subcategories that include history, lifestyle, technology, nature, society, and kids-oriented subjects to name a few. So in brief the site has something for all so viewers can easily choose suitable documentaries as per their preference. Let’s have a closer look at this Curiosity Stream review to better understand what this platform is offering.

Curiosity Stream Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Great exclusive content Limited Language options
Thousands of titles available almost 3,000+ Genres are missing like action, horror, comedy, etc.
Comes with affordable packages Can’t be streamed on PlayStation
Entries have either 4K or HD quality The number of titles is still less than renowned competitors
Worldwide availability  
Accommodate apps for numerous streaming sites  
Mobile app permits offline viewing  

Curiosity Stream Review: Key Features

All the key attributes of the service are discussed in this Curiosity Stream review. The streamer delivers factual, scientifically proven, and well-researched documentaries. It can be the most appealing service for people who miss History or the old Discovery Channel and want the same sort of streaming material. Let’s have a look at the beneficial features explained in this Curiosity Stream review;

Documentary-Only Streaming Exclusive Platform

The streamer’s most prominent feature that is highlighted in this Curiosity Stream review is, that it has more than 3,000 documentary works including both original and licensed content of versatile topics like complex scientific, serious, historical, very in-depth, and cultural topics. For instance, Chasing Quantum Realities (discussing quantum physics implications), Realm of the Volga (exploring Volga River’s ecosystem and geography), Apocalypse Never-Ending War (aftermath of World War 1), and many more. Most importantly Curiosity Stream’s exclusives are not available anywhere else, so the subscription is worth it.   

Diversity in Documentary Length

You can dive into the quick bite-sized series with one-minute episodes or enjoy seven seven-hour series with one-hour-long episodes, as per your mood. These diversions are extremes, of course, usually the length formats are versatile, as described below in this Curiosity Stream review:

  • One to two-hour series, having 10–15-minute episodes
  • Two to four-hour series, having one-hour episodes
  • 60 to 90 minutes single episode documentaries
  • 8 to 15-minute one-episode shorts

Offline Viewing Titles

Another highly beneficial feature that is discussed in this Curiosity Stream review is that it allows you to download titles for offline viewing or later watch. The only requirement is to have the relevant mobile app to support the system. Furthermore, if you want the whole series offline, you need to navigate episodes individually to download each separately.

Simultaneous Streams

The streamer does not advertise the exact number of screens it allows in a single go. Although you’ll be able to stream more than one device at the same time as long as they support the same address. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite show without waiting for your turn while having a family streaming similar content.

Kids Mode/ Parental Control

While the Curiosity Stream content is all about educational purposes, still some content is not suitable for kids. That’s why we have highlighted this feature in this Curiosity Stream review, the service allows you to make settings for your kid’s account by switching the mode on or off according to your requirements. You can make these changes in Screen Settings while navigating through the Account Settings.

Curiosity Stream Review: What Type of Content is Available?

Curiosity Stream - Curiosity Stream Review

Curiosity Stream’s usual content falls under the categories of docuseries or documentaries. Moreover, the site in addition to originals provides relevant work from other networks, such as BBC. Some feature-length documentaries are The Secret Lives of Big Cats, Return to the Moon, Out of the Cradle, Deep Ocean: The Lost World of the Pacific, and Volga: Mother of Rivers.

The platform aside from the feature documentaries shines well when it comes to docuseries. You can get high-profile exclusive series about celebrities including David Attenborough’s Light on Earth, Stephen Hawkin’s Favorite Places, Engineering the Future having Patrick Stewart, and many more. In addition, the whole content centers around seven major categories each of which has further subdivisions, let’s have a look at all these categories below in this Curiosity Stream review:

History Science Technology Nature Lifestyle Society Kids
Prehistory Space Engineering Animals Creativity Social Issues History
Ancient Mind Transportation Birds Collecting Economics STREAM
Medieval Physics Nanotechnology Insects Food Democracy Space Exploration
Aviation Biology Communication Earth Travel Politics Dinosaurs
Modern Geology Energy Plants Philosophy Current events Nature
Military Genetics Artificial Intelligence Prehistoric Creatures Home Projects Entrepreneurship Current Events
Biographies Medicine Social Web Oceans Performing Arts Crime and Forensics  
Megastructures Evolution Security and Privacy Natural Habitats Health and Wellness Business and Commerce  

Curiosity Stream Original Productions

The streaming platform is a renowned name among contemporaries because it offers hundreds of original and exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else.  Therefore, it has not only gained popularity ever since its launch but also the number of subscriptions is increasing day by day. Some of the exclusive originals of the service are highlighted in this Curiosity Stream review:

  1. Oddly Satisfying Science
  2. Traitor/Patriot
  3. Planet Insect
  4. TITANS: The Rise of Hollywood
  5. Cracking the Code
  6. Putin and the Oligarchs
  7. Red Elvis
  8. Underworld
  9. Royals: Keeping the Crown
  10. Ancient Engineering
  11. Japan’s Lost Battleship
  12. A World Without NASA
  13. Pyramid Builders: New Clues

Curiosity Stream Review: Subscription Packages & Prices

The subscription plans of the Curiosity Stream are divided into HD and 4K. Further, you can enjoy any of them with monthly or yearly subscription packages, according to your needs and budget. Let’s have a look at the details of both plans in terms of a month and year:

HD Monthly Plan 4K Monthly Plan HD Annual Plan 4K Annual Plan
$2.99 $9.99 $19.99 $69.99
Flexible Highly flexible, best-quality picture The most popular and best-value Best picture quality and price

Curiosity Stream Web Interface

You can sign in to the app with a phone, password, and email, or with an Internet or TV provider. The web interface of the Curiosity Stream is quite straightforward for easy navigation without any performance issues. The color scheme is pleasant with dark yellow and navy-blue colors and allows intuitive and smooth working. You can find the menu bar at the top section of the screen, giving the options: Browse, Collections, then Search, and your account name.

Curiosity Stream Mobile App

The mobile app of the service is almost similar to the web interface with familiar categories, a home screen, and featured content. Further, the app plays a splashy trailer for everything it highlights on the menu page. The menu icons that appear at the top of the web are at the bottom of the mobile app. You can turn on or off kids’ mode in Settings under your Account option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Curiosity Stream is Worth It?

The informative and entertaining content of the app makes it worth streaming and a reliable option for all. Furthermore, most content on the app is original and hard to find anywhere else and you can get two different quality subscription options HD and 4K. Most of all, every subscription package is ad-free, no matter whether you are paying $2.99 for HD content or $9.99 for 4K streaming.

Can You Watch Curiosity Stream on TV?

Yes, as the service is a standalone app that’s why it supports numerous smart TVs and smart television platforms.

Is Curiosity Stream Safe?

Most of the Curiosity Stream content is safe to watch by anyone. However, some content is not appropriate for young children, and that’s why the app has introduced Kid’s mode.
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