Apple TV+ is an exclusive streaming service by Apple (an American tech giant). The site was launched with a limited original programming batch in 2019 and has grown its library steadily since then. Comparatively, it’s a young streaming platform with a large international reach, available in more than a hundred countries. Although the service is still not accessible in all countries having an Apple presence.

The streamer heavily centers on its original productions rather than licensing other companies’ movies and TV show productions. Instead of offering a mixed content list (originals + licensed content) it firmly focuses on originals covering entertainment genres including current affairs and sports. Further Apple hasn’t revealed the total subscription number for Apple TV, even though experts have noted that it has a compact subscriber base in comparison to competitors. In this Apple TV+ review, we have highlighted prominent attributes of the service along with subscription packages. Also, you can understand the user interface and pros and cons of the platform in this Apple TV+ review.

Apple TV+ Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
An affordable streaming site Still has a compact content library in comparison to its rivals
Exclusive original content library No apps support for game consoles and Androids
Easy-to-use simple interface No upgrades or add-ons are available
Entertaining genres and high-quality content No older content is available
Recently have included numerous licensed content  
Supports six simultaneous streams  
Supports 4K HDR streams and Dolby Atoms  

Apple TV+ Review: Key Features

The service comes along many beneficial features, prominent ones are discussed in this Apple TV+ review. For instance, it delivers content with 4K HDR and Dolby Atoms, supports up to six streams in a single go, etc. You can restrict content on a single or more profile for your kids so you can enjoy streaming without worrying about your young family members. Let’s deep dive into the features through this Apple TV+ review to better understand the app:

On-Demand Content

The most prominent feature of the service as described in this Apple TV+ review is the on-demand menu list of the platform. It is divided into straightforward categories including the latest Originals, Comedies, Dramas, and Themed sections. These themed sections contain Around the Globe Stories, Finding Their Voice, Eerie Tales, and much more. Since the titles are limited everything on the menu list works appropriately. Therefore, you can get everything exclusive and in high quality on this Apple streamer.

Simultaneous Streams

Another important feature that we are going to highlight in this Apple TV+ review is, that the app allows six streams in a single go, Which is double of most on-demand available services in the market. Therefore, while sharing your profile you can enjoy your favorite show’s streaming without waiting for your turn. In addition, there is no limit on the app for offline downloads as long as you have Apple ID.

4K with HDR Streams and Dolby Atoms

Apple TV+ content contains great audio and video quality with or without 4K support. Its content library is amazing with ultra-cinematic Dolby Atoms, having 5.1 Dolby surround sound and 2.0 standard stereo. The requirements for this are discussed in this Apple TV+ review, you need a 4K compatible device and a high-quality sound system to enjoy this optimum level of audio and video streaming.

Parental Control

We have listed in this Apple TV+ review features section a very important aspect that can be found in all renowned streamers, parental control. Apple TV+ also allows parents to restrict their kid’s content profile while making a few changes to it. You can also set a PIN so that your kids cannot enter the adult’s content library and you can keep checking their watch list too.

Entertaining Genres

Apple TV+ has more focus on entertaining genres rather than simply creating an extensive content library, some of them are mentioned in this Apple TV+ review. For instance, its comedy section includes great award-winning works such as Ted Lasso. Moreover, films that are critically acclaimed like COAD, and classic specials such as Peanuts. On Apple TV+ you can’t get bored as you have flexible genre options according to your taste.

Apple TV+ Review: What Type of Content is Available on it?

Apple TV+ - Apple TV+ review

The streaming site has launched contrasting titles few prominent ones are highlighted in this Apple TV+ review, including For All Mankind, The Morning Show, Snoopy in Space, The Elephant Queen, Dickinson, GhostWriter, Helpsters, See, and Oprah’s Book Club. These shows contain different positions in content rating charts indicating that Apple TV+ is not a streamer for an exclusive audience only.  

At the time of launch, Apple promised frequent addition of new movies and shows approximately every week or month. During the pandemic time, their production rate was at a slow pace but now you can stream numerous new additions including an animated musical series Central Park, a romantic comedy Little Voice, a video game-themed workplace Mythic Quest, a spy thriller Tehran, and many more.

Apple TV+ Original Productions

The streaming service started its journey with just nine original programming, but now it has 100 plus original shows and movies. These productions are of versatile genres which are mentioned in this Apple TV+ review such as comedies, music documentaries, dramas, children’s programs, sci-fi thrillers, etc. Hence Apple TV+ heavily leans on entertainment, it has started live sports streaming with the launch of MLS and Friday Night Baseball programming.

A good few original Apple TV+ productions are described in this Apple TV+ review:

  1. Invasion
  2. The Problem with Jon Steward
  3. For All Mankind
  4. CODA
  5. The Afterparty
  6. Acapulco
  7. Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock
  8. Billie Eilish: The World’s Little Blurry
  9. Harriet the Spy
  10. Truth Be Told
  11. Mythic Quest
  12. Defending Jacob
  13. Central Park
  14. Servant
  15. Severance
  16. The Morning Show
  17. See

Sports on Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ sports screen gives instant access to a wide array of scheduled and live sports events, further details are discussed in the coming lines of the Apple TV+ review. The sports streaming includes Friday Night Baseball and MLS season Pass with Major League Soccer. Although streaming for these sports events requires 16.2 tvOS and is not accessible in all regions. Furthermore, you can browse upcoming games as well as watch up-to-the-minute scores of games in progress. To add or remove sports to your streaming make adjustments in the app’s settings.

Documentaries on Apple TV+

One of the key success aspects of the app is its top-quality documentaries, which helped the streaming site pick up critical acclaim since the time of its launch. Apple TV is quite different from all competitors in terms of its original productions and their selling through the platform only.  This work criteria also includes a few great unconventional documentaries of versatile dimensions such as nature, history, music, etc. For instance, it has included some biggest filmmaking names in its documentary world service like Jon Favreau, Todd Haynes, and Spike Jonze.  

Apple TV+ Subscription Packages and Prices

This Apple streaming platform comes with three different subscription packages. You can choose any of them according to your needs if you have a larger family, you can select its family package. Let’s have a look at the specifications of these packages to decide what suits you the best;

Subscription Package Individual Subscription Family Subscription Premier Subscription
Price $14.95 /per month $19.95 /per month $29.95 /per month
Profiles Single person sharing Up to five profile-sharing options Up to five profile-sharing options
Benefits iCloud 50GB, Arcade, tv+, Music iCloud 200GB, Arcade, tv+, Music iCloud 2TB, Arcade, tv+, Music, News+, Fitness+

Apple TV+ Web Interface

The marketing of Apple seemingly highlights that its services are accessible on Apple-supporting devices only. You can sign up for this streaming service on your browser too, even if you don’t have an Apple preexisting ID. Moreover, the web interface looks elegant but similar to many renowned services, you have to go deep down for the richness of experience. The shows appear in the form of a wide list and you can lead to the description page by selecting one of them.

Apple TV+ Mobile App

The mobile interface of the streamer is clear and quite easy to navigate with set buttons at the bottom for Watch Now, then Library, and Search. To download your favorite show just tap the cloud-plus-down-arrow standard icon present next to the episode listing. The download time may lead up to a few minutes depending on the size of the file you have selected for offline viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the Apple TV+ App?

The most impressive feature of Apple TV+ is its comprehensive app support that’s best in both ways quality and availability. Furthermore, it has quite efficient speed to deliver every stream within no time.

Do you need an Apple-compatible device for Apple TV+ streaming?

No, Apple TV+ also works on numerous non-Apple devices such as smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Although it is optimized for the platform (Apple) but can accommodate others as well.

What do you find on Apple Tv+?

The streaming service gives 100-plus great originals based on discrete categories, quite opposite to the competitor sites which usually focus on collecting a wide content library.
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