Do you want to learn about SuperRare and trading Non-Fungible Tokens? We have a review of SuperRare that explains everything you need to know, like it costs to trade, and their pros and cons. Keep reading to decide if SuperRare is the right place for you to trade NFTs. Let’s get started!

SuperRare At a Glance

Blockchain Ethereum
Types of NFT Art
Fees 3%
Services Buying and selling
Wallet MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect
Payment Method Ethereum Only
Platform macOS, PC, iOS, android

SuperRare is an amazing NFT platform that is the best fit for serious art lovers of rare digital art. This platform is built on the Ethereum network.

Pros and Cons | SuperRare

Pros Cons
Unique and high-quality digital art NFTs.   Commissions are high. 
Small but active community.  Expensive NFTs.    
A perfect blend of digital and traditional art galleries.   Artists have a hard time getting noticed and listed.   
Simple and easy to use. Only accepts ETH as payment method. 
High royalties on sales.  Not for beginners
Curated list of artists  

Top Perks of SuperRare

Here’s the top perks that you need to know about the platform. Let’s have a look!

Curated List of Artists

SuperRare focuses on special digital art that is unique and special. They don’t deal with many other types of digital things. They carefully choose artists who can create these special digital art pieces on their platform.

Partners with Traditional Art World

SuperRare is an incredible place where artists share their art online. Now they’re doing something exciting. They’re teaming up with Miami Art Week to make a new experience. So, Lots of people might find this really cool.

Royalty Payments

Artists get a 10% payment every time when their artwork is sold, except for the first sale where they get 85%. This money is automatically included in each digital art token through smart contracts. So, artists can keep earning from their work regularly. SuperRare also has a system where collectors receive royalties.


SuperRare fee is slightly higher than other platforms. It takes a lower commission than a traditional gallery. Here are the fees overview:

  • Gallery receives 15% commission on first sale
  • Buyer pay a 3% fee on all purchases
  • Artists receives a 10% royalty payment for every subsequent sale
  • Ethereum Gas Fee apply on each transaction

Payment Methods

SuperRare only accepts the Ethereum payment method. While other platforms accept credit and debit card Payments or allow transactions and payments on other blockchains. But SuperRare is not like this. You can buy Ethereum from any top cryptocurrency app and Exchange to move it to your crypto wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SuperRare good for artists?

Yes, SuperRare is one of the best NFT marketplace for artists. It gives the perfect marketplace to curated artists to sell their digital artworks.

How many artists are there on SuperRare?

There are approximately 7000 curated artists on SuperRare. Although the exact number isn’t available yet.

How much does it cost to get started on SuperRare?

There is no fee to get started an account on SuperRare. But when buying digital items, investors will pay a 3% transaction fee as well as a gas fee.
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