Nifty Gateway makes it easy for anyone to discover or purchase unique and rare NFTs through the Nifty Gateway marketplace. Or the best thing about this platform is that the users can buy or sell NFTs with the help of credit or debit card payment methods. Read our full Nifty Gateway review to learn more about how this platform stands out.

Nifty Gateway At a Glance

Blockchain Ethereum
Types of NFT Art
Fees 2.5% listing fees
Services Buy, sell and mint (qualified creators only)
Wallet MetaMask
Payment Method Ethereum, Credit or Debit Card, Gemini account, EtherCredit and debit card
Platform macOS, PC, iOS, android

Even though Nifty Gateway doesn’t have a large number of NFTs, the NFTs it does are of high quality. The platform features well-known artists and is truly a gateway to high-quality and rare NFTs. Nifty Gateway is easy to sign up and use plus its fees are also low.

Pros and Cons | Nifty Gateway

Pros Cons
Features exclusive artists Accepts only popular artists
Credit cards can be used to purchase NFTs Limited NFTs collection
Easy to use platform  Only accepts ETH and USD
Reduced gas fee Not beginner friendly
Custodial wallet option  

 Nifty Gateway Features

Here’s the top perks that you need to know about the platform. Let’s have a look!

Features Well-known Artists and Brands

Nifty Gateways is an exclusive NFT platform. It is specially designed for serious collectors who truly love collecting unique digital items. You can buy limited edition NFTs from big names directly from the creator through Nifty Gateway’s curated drops. The site provides detailed information about each artist and piece of work.

Custodial Wallet Option

Nifty Gateways custodial wallet is specially designed for art lovers who want to buy NFTs without owning cryptocurrency or setting up a wallet. It allows them to purchase, sell, or gift NFTs without worrying about expensive gas fees. However, Nifty Gateway also offers a wallet-to-wallet feature, enable them to keep their NFTs in a crypto wallet they manage personally for NFT enthusiasts who prefer more control over their assets.

Reduced gas fees

NFT collectors sometimes have to pay high fees, especially on Ethereum. But if they use Nifty Gateway and its platform, they might not have to pay as much. Only when they buy or transfer things, they need to pay some fees. Luckily, Nifty Gateway found a way to minimize these fees up to 70% by making things simpler

Accepts credit or debit cards

Some people find it hard to start buying NFTs because they need to set up a special online wallet and get cryptocurrency first. But don’t worry, the Nifty Gateway marketplace makes it easier. You can use credit cards, debit cards, or other simple ways to pay, just like buying stuff with regular money.


Nifty Gateway is updating its fee structure after introducing wallet-to-wallet transfers. The new system will reduce the listings fee from 5% to 2.5%. When people buy or sell things on Nifty Gateway, they have to pay fees to the Ethereum network, which can be quite expensive. But Nifty Gateway helps you in different situations. They claim that their fees are 70% cheaper than other similar marketplaces.

Here’s a summary of the gas fees:

No Gas Fees Gas Fees
Buying NFTs with card or account balance Buying NFTs with ETH
Minting NFTs Depositing NFTs
Withdrawing an NFT to an external wallet Withdrawing ETH into your prepaid ETH wallet

Payment Methods

Nifty Gateway is making changes in how they charge and get paid. It will take some time, so both the old and new ways will be used together for now.

Current System

Nifty Gateway lets you pay in different ways like using a credit card, debit card, ETH or directly from Gemini account. It’s unusual in that you don’t have to have your own cryptocurrency to buy an NFT. You can also view prices in US Dollar and ETH. Here’s how you can make payments:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Ethereum
  • Gemini Account

New System

In the new system, the only way to pay for listings on Nifty Gateway will be by using ETH stored in an ETH wallet. It’s not clear if will still accept credit and debit cards or payments, or if they will let people pay using their Gemini account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make an NFT on Nifty Gateway?

Nifty Gateway is updating its fee structure after introducing wallet-to-wallet transfers. The new system will reduce the listings fee from 5% to 2.5%.

What wallets does Nifty Gateway support?

Nifty Gateway recommends the use of the MetaMask wallet on its platform.

Which blockchain does Nifty Gateway Use?

Nifty Gateway uses the Ethereum blockchain to host its NFTs. Ethereum is widely considered one of the most secure blockchain platforms option.
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