NBA TopShot is an NFT trading platform for sports collectibles similar to the original marketplace. It has numerous exciting features tags along with the dynamic platform. In this review, we’ll explain NBA TopShot features, fees, and usability to decide if it’s the best option for you.

NBA TopShot Marketplace At a Glance

Blockchain Ethereum
Types of NFT Art
Fees 5%
Services Buying and selling
Wallet Dapper Balance, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet
Payment Method Cryptocurrency, Credit card or PayPal
Platform macOS, PC, iOS, android

NBA Top Shot is a fully featured NFT software designed to serve startups, SEMs, Enterprises. It provides end-to-end solutions designed for web applications.

Pros and Cons | NBA TopShot Marketplace

Pros Cons
Great marketplace for NBA fans.  Only cater to the NBA fans.  
Easy to use even for a novice.  Cryptocurrency support is limited    
Supports Mastercard and Visa payment options   Still in the early development stages.     
Less risks of counterfeits and scams.   Centralized Marketplace
New drops on a regular basis.   

NBA TopShot Features

Here’s the top perks that you need to know about the platform. Let’s have a look!

TopShot Score

TopShot Score is perfect to measure the worth of a user’s collection. If they collect more non-fungible tokens, their score goes higher. They will earn access to special experiences, exclusive packs, and other collectible rewards when they keep adding more non-fungible tokens to their collection.


Users can use gamification and quality control to trade their common NFTs. They can swap their existing tokens, control the supply, and stay engaged with the platform by completing time-based tasks and challenges,


TopShot is a collector community platform where users can discover other individuals with similar interests and collector strategies. The community hosts an incentivized leaderboard where collectors can compete to earn exclusive rewards other than making friends.


TopShot website is like a blog that tells you everything about TopShot. You can read NBA TopShot news, new features and helping guides for using it.


The NBA TopShot Marketplace charges the seller 5% on every NFT sold. For instance, if you sell a moment for $100, you would receive $95 in your wallet. The good thing in that the platform doesn’t charge for listing and delisting’s.

NBA TopShot Withdrawal fees

Withdrawal Method Fees Other
Credit Card N/A
Crypto transfer Up to $8 Varies per token
ACH transfer 0.20% + $1 $9 max fee
Wire Transfer $25 Flat rate

NBA TopShot Deposit fees

Deposit Method Fees Other
Credit Card 5.26% + $0.30 No fee limit
Crypto transfer Free
ACH transfer Free $10 for cancelled transactions
Wire Transfer $25 Flat rate

Payment Methods

NBA TopShot allows purchase with credit card and cryptocurrency. Currently the supporting cryptocurrency is Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI and USDC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make an NFT on NBA TopShot?

The seller pays a 5% exchange fee for every transaction on the peer-to-peer marketplace.

How many users are there in NBA TopShot?

NBA TopShot currently has 1.1 million registered users. These users have traded more than $780 million.

What wallets does NBA TopShot support?

TopShot support different wallets including, Dapper Balance, MetaMask, and Coinbase Wallet.
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