If you’re looking for place to start trading that offers an easy-to-use platform with a wide variety of tokens, Mintable is perfect for you! In this review, we’ll cover the basics of Mintable marketplace including its pros and cons, fee schedule, key features and more. Let’s get started!

Mintable At a Glance

Blockchain Ethereum, Immutable X, and Zilliqand Zilliqa
Types of NFT Art, Musical videos, collectibles, metaverse items
Fees Up to 5%
Services Buy, Sell and Mint
Wallet MetaMask
Payment Method Ethereum, Credit card or Debit Card
Platform macOS, PC

Mintable is an NFT marke­tplace that emphasizes on quantity but also manage­s to maintain quality. It boasts a vast collection of NFTs, ensuring that use­rs can easily find what they are se­arching for.

Pros and Cons | Mintable

Pros Cons
A large variety of NFTs Only supports ETH for crypto payments  
Simple and easy to use interface.  Doesn’t have an app for cell phones
Free minting No affiliate programs
Mintable accepts credit card payments  Relatively high transaction fee
Anyone and everyone can register  

Mintable Features

Here’s the top perks that you need to know about the platform. Let’s have a look!

Large Selection of NFTs

If you want to discover a wide range of awesome digital art and unique items, Mintable website is perfect for you. You have millions of choices, and also, buying NFTs is quick and simple because they organize everything into different categories like art, music and videos to make it easy for you to explore. If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, they display the prices in regular money (USD) instead of confusing crypto money (ETH). You can also find special NFTs for things like website names, 3D models, and virtual real estate.

Create and List NFTs for free

Mintable helps the users with a gasless and effortless NFT minting process for JPEGs, GIFs, sound bytes, and video clips, at no cost. Seller can transfer copyrights and include downloadable files with their NFTs. Artists can also opt to receive a perpetual royalty, earning a percentage from future sales of their NFTs. For example, if an artist sets a 10% royalty fee and their NFT is resold for $1000, they receive $100 from the second sale.


There is a base fee of 2.5% for standard NFTs. If you opt for gasless transactions, the fee increases to 5%. Furthermore, purchasing printable items incurs a higher fee, which doubles again to 10%. Its important to consider these varying fees, as they have a significant impact on the overall cost of your NFT transactions on Mintable.

Payment Methods

Mintable allow purchases with credit card or Debit card and cryptocurrency. Currently the supporting cryptocurrency is Ethereum and it is one of the secure ways for the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mintable cost?

The platform charges anywhere from 2.5% to 10% for all transactions.

What wallets does Mintable support?

Mintable recommends the use of the MetaMask wallet on its platform.

Is Mintable legit?

Yes, Mintable is legit NFT marketplace to buy, sell and mint NFTS.
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