With steady growth in the NFT market, all marketplaces are flooded with buyers, sellers and creators. One such marketplace where you can get millions of NFTs is Foundation. This review will tell you everything you can do on this platform.

Foundation At a Glance

Blockchain Ethereum
Types of NFT Digital Art including image, videos, and 3D art
Fees 5%
Services Buy, Sell and Mint
Wallet MetaMask and wallets set up through WalletConnect
Payment Method Ethereum
Platform macOS, PC

The Foundation marke­tplace caters to digital art enthusiasts, colle­ctors, and creators acts as a one-stop-shop for NFT relate­d needs. The se­cure platform allows artists to sell their rare­st artwork without worrying about backup or security of their creations. 3D mode­ls, images, games, the Foundation Marke­tplace houses all kinds of NFTs.

Pros and Cons | Foundation

Pros Cons
Easy to use. You can only use Ether to buy NFTs.
Excellent for minting NFTs. High commission fees.  
Artists and creators earn 10% royalties on secondary sales.     
Hosts popular auctions.     
Buy and sell art NFTs  

Foundation Features

Check out the key benefits of this platform. Let’s have a look!

Buy and Sell Art NFTs

Foundation is one of the best places for art NFTs. It focused on digital artwork and has a large community of artists. You can find unique images, videos, 3D pieces so that artists can easily connect with potential buyers.

Easy to Use

Foundation marketplace is simple and super easy to use. You can quickly navigate things and easily find what you want by using filters and effortlessly manage your bids.

Great for Minting NFTs

The foundation platform and fee structure are both beneficial for artists. When the original creators sell their NFTs, they get 95% of initial sales and foundation keeps 5% as a fee. If someone else buys and resells the NFT later, the original creator also gets 10% of that sale too.


Foundation earns money through commissions on primary sales. The buyer will pay the platform 15% of their minted assets. As a buyer, you aren’t responsible for any fees to the platform, but you need to be aware that Foundation gives 10% of any secondary sales to the original artist. You will also need to pay gas fees to the Ethereum network during purchases.

Payment Methods

Foundation does not allow withdrawals or deposits through credit or debit cards or PayPal. You need Ethereum to make purchases on the Foundation NFT marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Foundation cost?

The Foundation platform charges a marketplace fee of 5% on NFT sales.

What wallets does Foundation support?

Foundation recommends the use of the MetaMask or WalletConnect on its platform.

Is Foundation Marketplace safe to use?

Foundation is safe place to buy and sell NFTs. It only acts as marketplace, which means it doesn’t store your NFTs on the platform. When you purchase them, it stored in your wallet.
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