Join us as we traverse the mythical land alongside Hunter, exploring and unearthing the various aspects of the game in this The Pathless review.

The Pathless is an action-adventure game that was developed by the sagacious minds at Giant Squid and launched in 2020 by Annapurna Interactive. Pathless is an epic and visually mesmerizing video game that takes players on an adventurous journey through a vast and mystical land. Players follow a character known as Hunter, a female archer and her eagle companion, who took it upon herself to cleanse the world of darkness. Pathless delivers an unforgettable and delightful experience leaving players awestruck by its visuals, soundtrack, and puzzles.  Let’s explore the game in-depth in The Pathless review.

The Pathless Review – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Visually stunning graphics Lacks guidance
Exhilarating boss battles and puzzles Repetitive puzzles
Fluid mechanics Unwanted intrusion and combat is underplayed
Adorable pet eagle  
Intriguing open world  

The Pathless Review – Plot

The Pathless Review

In this game, players don the red attire of a skilled archer known as the Hunter as they embark on a quest to lift an ancient curse plaguing a hauntingly beautiful island. Alongside her trusted companion, the eagle, Hunter explores the mystical land, brimming with ancient ruins, breathtaking vistas, and lush forests. A malevolent entity called Godslayer corrupted the spirits of the land, leaving the gods poisoned and the island shrouded in darkness.

To bring light to the island, Hunter must traverse this vast land, solving puzzles, and facing formidable, cursed spirits. With a bow and arrow in hand and the eagle on her shoulder, Hunter must unveil the secrets of the island and unearth her own enigmatic past to defeat the darkness that carries a promise of destruction and doom. 

The Pathless Review – World Building

The developers of Pathless wove an intricate tapestry dripping with beauty by combining fantastical elements with natural beauty. The game is set on an island of mystical intrigue that is plagued by an ancient curse and is shrouded in darkness. The island is brimming with lush forests, hauntingly beautiful ruins, and serene lakes that evoke a sense of wonderment and awe as players traverse through these lands. The secrets of the island lie in the long-forgotten civilizations, harboring symbols that players must decipher to learn the truth of this mystical island. Celebrating the harmony between nature and humanity, The Pathless presents players with a captivating world that compels them to explore it in order to unveil its many mysteries. 

The Pathless Review – Key Features

The pathless

Fluid Movements

Hunter’s fluid and agile movements paired with precise archery add exhilaration and depth to the gameplay. Players can navigate the land by running, jumping, and soaring through the skies and take on enemies by pairing Hunter’s fluid acrobatics with trick shots. 

Pet Eagle

Players can forge a deep connection with their eagle companion and effortlessly glide through the skies with its help. This fuzzy companion will help the players get past countless adversaries and will be their ride-or-die throughout the game. 

Vast Open World

The game presents its players with a mystical and vast open world that they can explore to their hearts’ content. The island in the game is brimming with beautiful landscapes, serene lacks, lush forests, hauntingly beautiful ruins, and stunning vistas. Players must traverse through this beautiful island to unveil its mysteries and rid it of the ancient curse that has shrouded it in darkness.  

Corrupted Spirits

Throughout the game, players must hunt the cursed spirits lurking in the woods to restore light to the island. Players must rely on their archery and strategic thinking to overcome these adversaries. 

Compelling Storyline

Players follow Hunter as she tries to rid the world of an ancient curse that has shrouded it in darkness. Godslayer also known as the Pathfinder believed the world to be a chaotic and destructive place. In his quest to end the world, he poisoned the gods, invoking an ancient curse upon the land. This curse shrouded the land in darkness and carried a promise of death and destruction. Now Hunter must unveil the secrets of the land to lift this darkness and bring light to the world. 

The Pathless Review – Plans and Pricing

Edition PS Price
The Pathless $39.99

Has our The Pathless review compelled you enough to give the game a try? You can purchase your digital copy of The Pathless from the PS Store for $39.99 and become part of this epic journey alongside Hunter and her eagle companion to cleanse the world of darkness and bathe it in light, destroying the Godslayer and returning peace to the land. 

The Pathless Review – Conclusion

The Pathless is a great adventure game that takes you on a fantastical journey through a stunningly beautiful realm. We hope our The Pathless review intrigued you enough to give this game a try, as we truly want you to feel the same joy we felt while playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the protagonist of the game?

The protagonist of the game is a female archer called Hunter. Clad in red and armed with a bow and arrow, Hunter travels far and wide alongside her eagle to cleanse the world of an ancient curse. 

Who is the antagonist of the game?

The Godslayer also known as Pathfinder is the main antagonist of the game. Believing the world to be a land plagued with chaos and corruption, the Godslayer once a mere human decided to destroy the world. He invoked an ancient curse upon the land, poisoning the gods, and shrouding the world in darkness. 

How many endings does The Pathless have?

The Pathless has two possible endings. The outcome of the game depends on the decisions and the route of action the player takes.
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