In this we will provide you with an elaborate NBA 2K23 Review, where we will analyse everything from the game’s plot to its features.

NBA 2K23 is a basketball simulation game that was developed by Visual Concepts and launched by 2K in 2022. The game captivates both gaming enthusiasts and basketball enthusiasts with its immersive and authentic gameplay experience. NBA 2K23 brings the excitement of professional basketball to life on players screens due to its sharp visuals, life-like animations, and attention to detail. Players are given a choice to either proceed with their favorite NBA superstar or create a MyPlayer.

NBA 2k23 is the ultimate virtual basketball court for all NBA lovers out there. Moreover, its modes like MyCareer, Jordans Challenge, MyTeam, and MyGM further adds excitement to the already exhilarating gameplay. Embark on an exciting journey with us as we navigate our way through the various aspects of the game in this NBA 2K23 review. 

NBA 2K23 Review – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The Jordan challenge Long loading times
Lots of new game modes Difficult controls 
A love letter to basketball fans  

NBA 2K23 Review – MyCareer Plot

NBA 2K23 shifted from the franchise’s traditional dynamics, eliminating the High school, College, and G leagues. Instead, players are thrust into making a decision about the team that they would represent. Upon getting drafted by a franchise, the players receive a lot of animosity. The media and fans alike believe that Shep Owens should have been drafted instead. NBA 2k23 took the narrative of MyCareer a tad bit further adding more depth and exhilaration to it. Throughout the game, the players must fight to maintain their position and enhance their fan base, all the while proving that their team’s investment in them wasn’t in vain.

NBA 2K23 Review – Modes

NBA 2K23 houses a plethora of content and is a huge game that promises to keep players busy till the next game drops. The game features 10 enthralling modes, each presenting new challenges for the players to overcome. 

NBA 2K23 Review – Jordan Challenge

Michael Jordan is regarded as one of the best basketball players in the history of basketball. The game honored the greatness of this wondrous person by giving players the opportunity to relive fifteen of Jordan’s greatest moments. With spot-on visuals and top-notch gameplay, players won’t be able to tell where real life ended, and the game started. This mode is ideal for all Michael Jordan fans, giving them a chance to experience the life of their idol. 


NBA 2K23 added more depth and profundity to the MyCareer narrative. In this mode, players can get a taste of being an NBA star. They can customize a character to look like them or their favorite basketball player either by doing a face scan or by painstakingly editing the hair, body, and face by utilizing the in-game tools. 

Once players will get drafted, they will be reminded every step of the way what a huge mistake their franchise made picking them ahead of Shep Owens. The developers very cunningly added the hater aspect making the game much more comedic and competitive.


Park is a single-player mode, where the players can play online either with their friends or strangers and compete in 2v2 or 3v3 matches. This mode isn’t a difficult one and is ideal for those who are just getting into NBA 2K games. 

NBA 2K23 Review – ProAm

As the name suggests this mode is a difficult one and requires players to have a squad in order to participate. Players can either play 3v3 or 5v5 and won’t have to wait around for worthy opponents to show up as the game will automatically match them with an opposing team. Players place their reputation on the line when they play this mode, as failure or abandonment of the matches will have a negative impact on their ranking.


In AnteUp mode, instead of reputation, players put their VC or Virtual currency on the line. Players can participate in the mode with or without a squad and can play either 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 matches. 


BlackTop is a co-op two player mode that gives players immense freedom and customization. The game mode is similar to Park but is fast-paced with no time-outs or substitutions. It’s up to the players to decide how long they want to game to last and what players they want on their team. 


MyTeam is a fan favorite and the ultimate single-player mode of NBA 2K23. Gamers collect players either by acquiring cards via grinding, by bidding on them, or through pure luck. Once they have a decent team, gamers can engage in 3v3 or 5v5 matches against AI in offline mode or other players in online mode. The beauty of his mode is that it starts off fairly realistic but with time it starts gravitating towards fantasy. This means that players can do things they won’t ever dream of doing in real life like having a Steve Nash that dunks like Vince Carter. 

NBA 2K23 Review – PlayNow Online

PlayNow is the ultimate competitive mode where players can compete against other players online in 5v5 matches. The teams are premade, all players have to do is select their favorite NBA team to proceed with the match. 

The W

In its quest to create a gender-inclusive game, 2K introduced a female MyCareer mode under the name WNBA. This mode lets players live out their WNBA fantasy as they embark on an epic journey to become the next best thing in women’s basketball.


This game mode is for all basketball enthusiasts who aren’t skilled at playing basketball sim video games. In this mode, players don the attire of a GM who is on a mission to ensure a championship win for their chosen franchise. 

NBA 2K23 Review – Key Features

NBA 2K23 Review – Authentic Gameplay

NBA 2K23 delivers a highly lifelike and authentic gameplay so much so that it will be difficult to distinguish reel from real. 

NBA 2K23 Review – MyCareer

In MyCareer mode gamers customize their own basketball player and follow its journey as it goes from being the most hated to most loved basketball player. This mode provides gamers with a narrative-driven experience accompanied by voice acting and cutscenes that add more depth to the players’ journey.

NBA 2K23 Review – Jordan Challenge

Jordan Challenge is an epic mode that honors the legacy of the biggest basketball star, Michael Jordan. Fans of Jordan will rejoice to know that the mode features fifteen of Jordan’s best movements that they can be a part of. 

NBA 2K23 Review – Plans and Pricing

NBA 2K23
Editions PS Pricing
Standard Edition $59.99
Digital Deluxe Edition $79.99
Michael Jordan Edition $99.99

Want to dive into the glorious world of basketball? Look no further as the NBA 2K23 game is available at the PS Store. The store houses three editions of the game namely, standard edition, digital deluxe edition, and Michael Jordan edition with prices ranging from $59.99-$99.99. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With which platforms is NBA 2K21 compatible?

The game is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. 

From where can I get NBA 2K21?

You can buy a digital copy of the game from the PS Store, the Xbox Store, Nintendo Store, and Steam. 

When did NBA 2K23 come out?

NBA 2K23 was published by 2K Games on 8th September 2022.
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