Join us as we traverse through the various aspects of the mystical game of Godfall in this Godfall Review.ย 

Godfall is an action-packed, melee-oriented, looter slasher game. It was developed by Counterplay Games and launched by Gearbox Publishing in 2020. The game transports players to a breathtaking fantastical realm where they embark on a heroic journey as a Valorian knight. Set in an immersive world, this epic hack-and-slash video game follows a compelling narrative. The storyline of the game comprises of ancient deities, divine powers, and heroic battles. Players don their Valorplates as they set on a divine journey to save the world from an apocalyptic force. 

Enthusiasts of fantasy and action games would appreciate its exhilarating combats, rich lore, and striking visuals.


Godfall Review – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent combat Monotonous structure of repeating fights
Formidable bosses Meaningless upgrades and skill
Visually appealing graphics Lacks challenge
Responsive fight mechanisms  
Varied physical abilities add depth to each encounter  

Godfall Review – Plot

Set in the divine and mystical realm of Aperion, where gods and elemental forces reign while an ancient prophecy threatens to plunge the realm into darkness. Players play the character of a Valorian knight, a person of valor and dignity, as they embark on a heroic journey to prevent this impending doom. The player must traverse through treacherous realms in order to fulfill their destiny.

Equipped with a celestial armor set called Valorplates and armed with an arsenal of destructive weapons, they must take on formidable foes and god like bosses to reach the end. Along the way, they unravel the mysteries surrounding the realm and the divine beings who once were an ally but now stand on opposite sides on the battlefield.ย 

Godfall Review – Universe

Set against the mystical backdrop of Aperion, a realm of celestial wonders, surrounded by ancient mysteries, Godfall presents a picture of fantastical beauty. Within this mystical realm, the elemental forces of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air converge, each possessing their unique powers. Players traverse through breathtaking and treacherous terrains, comprising numerous ethereal realms that are interconnected via mystical rifts.

Godfall Review – Features

Exhilarating Combat

Godfall is renowned for its fast-paced and intense combat that places great emphasis on swordplay skills and close-quarter fighting. Players play the character of Orin, a Valorian knight. Orion is equipped with Valorplates and can wield a plethora of weapons such as hammers, polearms, and swords. 


There are twelve Valorplates in the game, each imbued with a distinct Archon ability. These Valorplates grant players with distinct powers and strengths and can be switched in the Sanctum between missions. Furthermore, the Valorplates in the game are inspired by different zodiac signs, each harboring its own distinct weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, the game also harbours powerful Augments that can be used by the players to enhance gameplay.

Types of Valorplates

Name Passive Archon Fury Effect During Archon Fury
Aegishorn Players take 5% less damage Players can call forth 3 Spirit Warriors to aid them in battle Players and nearby allies take 30% less damage 
Armistice 10%Breach damage Players can unleash a shockwave that breaches nearby enemies and deals physical damage  +50% breach damage.
+100% damage to breached enemies
100% takedown damage
+50% damage whenever players defeat a breached enemy
Bulwark Petrifying slams deal physical damage and inflicts bleed Players can summon 3 physical sentinels Players attacks have a 65% chance to inflict bleed
+100% damage to bleeding targets
Greyhawk +10% buildup of soulshatter  Gives players the ability to unleash a shockwave that applies soulshatter buildup to nearby enemies Soulshatter buildup of about +100%
Hinterclaw +5% critical hit chance Players can call forth 3 spirit warriors to aid them in battle +30% critical hit chance
+15% critical hit damage whenever players defeat an enemy (Max: +150%)
Illumina +15% damage to weak point  Gives players the power to unleash a shockwave that reveals the weak points of enemies and deals physical damage  Players can unleash a shockwave every 10 seconds that deals physical damage and reveals enemyโ€™s weak points
+40% weak points damage
+40% weak point damage whenever players perform a deathblow
Mesa Polarity attacks deal earth damage and inflict poison Players can unleash a shockwave that deals earth damage Players attacks have a 65% chance to inflict poison
+100% damage to poisoned enemies
Moebius Shield throws deal void damage and inflict curse Players can summon 3 void sentinels Players attacks have a 65% chance to inflict curse
+100% damage to cursed enemies
Phoenix Polarity attacks deal fire damage and inflict ignite Players can unleash a shockwave that deals Fire Damage
During Archon Fury
Players attacks have a 65% chance to inflict ignite
+100% damage to ignited enemies 
Silvermane Weapon technique charge speed, polarity attack charge speed, and shield charge speed of more than 10%  Gives players the ability call forth about 3 spirit warriors to help them in battle Shield charge speed, weapon technique charge speed and polarity attack charge speed of about 300%
Inflicts 30% damage on enemies when players take on an enemy with a weapon technique, shield ability or polarity attack.
Typhon Shield throws deal water damage and inflict chill Players can summon 3 water sentinels Players attacks have a 65% chance to inflict chill
+100% damage to chilled enemies
Vertigo Petrifying slams deal air damage and inflict shock Players can unleash a shockwave that deals air damage Players attacks have a 65% chance to inflict shock
+100% damage to shocked enemies

Cooperative Play

In Godfall, players can team up either with their friends or other players online in multiplier mode. Together they can take on formidable enemies, tackle missions, or simply explore the realm of Aperion. 

Stunning Graphics and Visuals

Godfall is a renowned game, famous for its stunning visuals and sharp graphics. The game transports players into a stunning and alluring world. Each realm of the game encompasses lush landscapes, beautiful forests, and drastically beautiful ruins. 

Elemental Realms

Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, these realms makes up the universe of Godfall. On their journey players will get to venture through these four realms. Each realm offers distinct environments and challenges, adorned with ancient temples and vibrant forests. 

Godfall Review – Plans and Pricing

Edition PS Price
Godfall Challenger Edition $14.99
Godfall Ultimate Edition $39.99

If you wish to delve into the realm of Godfall and take on formidable deities then head on to the PS Store and purchase your copy of Godfall. The store harbors two editions of the game namely challenger edition, and the ultimate edition. The price if these editions range from $14.99-$39.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Godfall?

Godfall is an action-packed, role-playing, looter-slasher game. It features Orin as a protagonist as he ventures through the realms to bring peace to the world.

Who is the antagonist in Godfall?

Marcos also known as the mad god is the antagonist in Godfall and also the brother of the protagonist, Orin.ย 

How many endings does Godfall have?

Godfall has a total of 5 endings, with the outcome depending on the choices and actions of the players.
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