In this Bugsnax review we will walk you through different aspects of the game including pros and cons, pilot, world-building, features, and PS pricing, so hang on to your stomachs and start devouring (with your eyes).

Bugsnax is a deliciously quirky game that was developed by Young Horses and unveiled in 2020. The game amicably unites adventure with gastronomic delights, creating a peculiar fusion. In this imaginative game, players embark on a scrumptious journey to explore Snaktooth Island which is crawling with Bugsnax. These Bugsnax are delightfully delicious critters. Part bug, and part snack, Bugsnax have the ability to transform those who indulge them. Players play the character of a journalist who is on a mission to unveil the secrets of Snaktooth and Bugsnax. The game offers a flavorful and endearing experience, challenging players to think outside the box.

Bugsnax Review – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cute and charming Bugsnax Repetitive gameplay
Well-written narrative Non-skippable text
Intriguing boss battles  
Time and weather mechanics   

Bugsnax Review – Plot

Bugsnax Review

Players assume the role of a fearless journalist who is invited to the enchanting island called Snaktooth by the enigmatic explorer called Elizabert MegaFig. This enchanting island is home to the whimsical and quirky critters called Bugsnax, which are part bug and part snack. Upon arriving on the island, the journalist discovers that Elizabeth has gone missing. Now they must traverse through the land in search of the missing explorer. On their expedition, the players will come across various Bugsnax that they can capture using a Snak Trap.

Taking inspiration from Pokémon’s ‘catch them all’ theme, the game emphasizes on catching as many Bugsnax as possible. While on the island, the journalist will also have to assist its inhabitants, the Grumpuses, who are dead set on consuming Bugsnax in hopes of undergoing transformative changes. In this scrumptious game players will embark on an epic journey of self-discovery filled with humor, friendships, and of course delectable surprises. Be warned through as looks can be deceiving and this deliciously jolly game might surprise you with its dark, horrifying end. 

Bugsnax Review – World Building 

Bugsnax invites players to the whimsical and enchanting island of Bugsnax. Players are welcome to explore this magical realm as it unfolds as a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. The island boasts diverse biomes including icy tundra, arid deserts, and lush forest, each region brimming with unique Bugsnax. The developers of the game meticulously molded a realm of wonders with delectable creatures, surrounded by a delightful atmosphere that ignites awe and amazement.

As players explore the delectable island, they encounter Grumpuses, the island’s inhabitants. Each Grumpus has a distinct aura, with an exciting backstory. The world of Bugsnax carries a promise of allure and astonishment as it captures the attention of the players with its humorous narrative, culinary-themed allure, and inventive design. 

Bugsnax Review – Core Features

Bugsnax Review

Bugsnax Review – Unique Creatures

The island of Snaktooth is brimming with delectable and unique creatures called Bugsnax, a play on the word bugs and snacks. Players must explore the island to discover and capture these quirky creatures. Each Bugsnax is unique in its own right, harboring distinct abilities and behaviors. 

Bugsnax Review – Intriguing Exploration

Upon witnessing the picturesque biomes of Snaktooth island, players are left awestruck and bewildered. Throughout the game, they must traverse through the colorful and imaginative island. From its lush forests to the icy tundra, the island beguiles payers to explore it, compelling them to venture deeper. 

Bugsnax Review – Immersive Gameplay

The game draws inspiration from the Pokémon Catch ’em all theme. While traversing the island, players will have to catch Bugsnax by utilizing a fascinating tool called the Snak Trap (just like a pokéball). Players will have to come up with creative methods if they wish to capture these tasty bugs. 

Bugsnax Review – Heartwarming Narrative

Players are submerged into a land of whimsy, where they befriend the curious Grumpuses and aid them in their quests all the while uncovering the Island’s mysteries. 

Bugsnax Review – Comedic Transformation

Witness the hilarious and comedic transformation of Grumpuses as they consume the Bugsnax. Upon consuming the whimsical creatures, the Grumpuses go through a transformative process called Snakification that transforms them into the same snakmatter the consumed Bugsnax is composed of. 

Multiple Outcomes

The choices and actions of the players have a profound impact on the destinies of the island’s inhabitants. This feature of the game adds more depth to the narrative, resulting in multiple outcomes. 

Bugsnax Review – Plans and Pricing

Edition PS Price
Bugsnax $24.99

Hoping to dive into the whimsical world of Bugsnax? You can get a digital copy of the game from the PS store for $24.99. The game is playable on PS4 and PS5. However, some features available on PS4 might be absent in the PS5 version. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bugsnax a horror game?

Despite the dark undertone and a horrifying twist at the end, Bugsnax is not a horror game.

Who is the antagonist in Bugsnax?

SPOILER ALERT! The Bugsnax are the main antagonist in the video game. However, we will not go further than that and leave it for you to discover the true nature of these bugs. 

How many Bugsnax are there?

There are 100 species of Bugsnax, each having unique abilities and behaviors.
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