In this Total AdBlock Review , we will explain key features , pros and cons and other functionalities of this robust ad blocker.

There are various reasons to consider ad blockers like ad-free browsing and scrolling the web anonymously. For all the reasons, there is one single solution named as Total AdBlock. Total AdBlock is an easy-to-use and effective ad blocker that offers all these services.

With hands of ad-blocking experience, Total AdBlock is comparatively easy to set up for secure surfing.  Even its free version offers a moderate set of ad-blocking and tracking features which is suitable for beginners.  And the paid version offers ad-blocking functionalities along with anti-virus protection.

Total AdBlock Overview

Total AdBlock Review

With Total AdBlock you can say goodbye to the annoying ads and experience the ad-free browsing experience. Using advanced techniques, it enhances the user satisfaction and privacy. Total AdBlock ensures that ads are blocked across multiple devices including phones,  tablets, and computers for a clean browsing experience. With Total AdBlock, it allows users to browse the internet with pop-ups, banners, or autoplay videos.

Does it block YouTube ads? Yes
Compatibility Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, iOS, Android, Microsoft Edge  
Paid Version Starts at $29  

Total AdBlock facilitates valuable mobile users who spend a significant amount of apps to avoid interruptions.  By blocking the potentially harmful elements, it reduces the risk of personal data collection.

Total AdBlock Review : Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use and install Free version includes the top-rated sites
 Efficient ad blocking experience Pop ups appear in the free version
Customization option to manage ad preferences  

Total AdBlock Review : Key Features

Total Adblock free comes with a wide range of features that includes blocking unwanted ads, protection against malicious sites, and the ability to manage ad preferences and websites. Following are the details of its features in this Total AdBlock review.

System-Wide Adblocking

Total AdBlock functionality block ads on the web and other mobile applications. It prevents ads from being displayed within various social media applications, games, and applications.

Customizable Whitelists

This ad blocker offers the option to create a whitelist, allowing users to specify websites or applications. This feature ensures that users can support their favorite content creators.  While enjoying the ad-free experience on the web, you can support your favorite creators.

Privacy Protection

Total AdBlock enhances user privacy by tracking scripts and malware that can compromise personal information. By preventing elements from infiltering devices,  Total AdBlock reduces the risk of privacy breaches.

Easy installation

Total ABlock provides a user-friendly installation process that enables users to efficiently block ads.  The easy interface guides the user through the whole installation steps making it accessible for all. So the installation is easy for both the beginner and novice.

Silent operation

Total Adblock operates silently in the background ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt the browsing experience.  It does not consume excessive system storage and hence you can enjoy a good browsing experience.  Without sacrificing the battery of your phone, you can make use of the ad-blocking capabilities of this app.

Regular Updates

Total AdBlock regularly updates the ad-blocking filters and employs new techniques employed by advertisers.  The proactive approach ensures effective ad blocking with the latest blocking rules. To combat the latest ad types, Total AdBlock works on regular updates.

Community Support

Total Adblock benefits from a supportive community of users and developers who contribute to its own going development. Total Adblock remains on the top while continuously improving its services.

Total AdBlock Experience

 Total AdBlock is an easy-to-use blocker for ads and pop-ups for safe web surfing.  Setting up Total Block is simpler with an easy user guide. Install it and get started in a few steps. Upon installing the extension, Total AdBlock works right away.  You can click on the software to know about what the software is blocking.

Total AdBlock Compatibility

Total AdBlock is compatible with an array of browsers and software. This application operates in the background and blocks  all kinds of ads

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  •  Microsoft Edge
  • iOS
  • Android with Chrome Extension

Total AdBlock Pricing

Total AdBlock offers both free and paid plans.  The paid plans start at a price of $29 for the first year and jump to $119 for the next year. The paid version is preferred due to the following reasons:

  •  The paid plan comes with antivirus protection, which is highly recommended to protect your data
  • Total AdBlock paid subscription removes all unwanted browser notifications.
  •  The free version includes the top-rated 1500 websites but paid blocks all of them.

Look at the capabilities of free and paid version of this ad blocker in Total AdBlock review.

  Total AdBlock Free Total AdBlock Premium
Price Free $29 at the first year ($119 year after)
Block ads and pop-ups Limited ✔️
Block trackers ✔️ ✔️
Website and ad whitelist ✔️ ✔️
Block browser notification ❌ ✔️
Anti-virus protection

TotalAdBlock Coupon Codes

TotalAdBlock Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are the treasure chest to avail the ad blocking services a a a minimal price . If you are one of those individuals who don’t want to see the clutter on your web page , make use of Total AdBlock coupon codes to avail discounts . The discounts are readily available in form of affiliate links are coupon codes for users. Before giving a second thought make use of them to leverage the power of efficient ad blocker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is free plan of AdBlock trustworthy enough?

 Total AdBlock is a good ad blocker for a secure browsing experience and prevents intrusive ads from invading your privacy.  The free plan offers benefits for beginners and blocks limited advertisements.

Who owns Total AdBlock?

Total AdBlock Inc is owned by eyeo Gmbh and is a perfect ad-blocking solution.

Is Total AdBlock charge a monthly fee?

Total AdBlock is available on several devices that include Android and iOS. Also, it offers a 7-day free trial on the premium version.  Total Adblock costs a total of $2.42 per month.
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