In this Purify review , we will elaborate all the key details about this efficient ad blocker.

If the browsing experience means everything to you, then Purify is the top choice for you. Purify is one the outclass content blocker for all the iOS devices. With the big claims to load pages up to four times faster and save 50% of data, it is one of the most preferred ad blockers.

To provide ultimate security to the users, it prevents you from downloading content from malicious sites.  Not only this, it protects the virus from entering other valuable data. Let’s dig deeper into this Purify review to know more about this ad blocker.

Purify : Quick Overview

Purify  Review

Purify is regarded as a premium ad blocker that doubles the speed of web browsing.  With the whitelist feature, the application is highly considerate of personal browsing choices.   The additional functionalities of Purify let you block images, scripts, and fonts.

Does it block YouTube ads? Yes
Compatibility Safari, macOS, iOS
Paid Plan Starts at $1.99

Purify has a simple and easy-to-use interface to increase the overall speed of your web browsing. The application totally respects the preference of users to watch content from certain sites, so it allows advertisement of your preferred sites.

Purify Review : Key Features

Purify review

It stands at number 4 on the App Store add blocker list due to its advanced features. Purify increases the page loading speed by 4x and enables users to enjoy YouTube content. Purify offers the following functionalities taht are described below in this Purify review

Clutter-free Browsing

Purify delivers exceptional ad-blocking capabilities and is fully optimized for the latest version of iOS and.  Few changes and bug fixes are done in order to curb those annoying ads. With this application, you can restore the precious screen space that is taken up by frustrating banners or pop-up ads. 

Reduce Data Consumption by 50%

Purify stays out of the way allowing you to surf the web freely, Unlike the VPN Solution, none of your personal information gets leaked. This will help in increased privacy and an overall excellent browsing experience. As it prevents the third-party scripts from running so the data consumption for WIFI or cellular data will decrease with less disruptive content on the websites.

Whitelist Customization

Customize your adblocking experience with easy whitelisting of your favorite sites. With Purify, it is possible to create an additional block list and all other custom features.  With advanced functionalities, it can easily filter out in-app advertisements on Safari.  The whitelist feature creates a good balance between the sites you want to allow and the sites you disallow for advertising.

Purify Customer Support  

Purify is a great ad blocker that works with exceptional customer support. They care about all the users and hence provide best-in-class support by efficiently dealing with all the questions.  It does not get any better

Purify Pricing

The simplest and fastest tracking ad blockers start at a minimal cost of $1.99. Surprisingly it’s a one-time payment and you can enjoy web browsing at a faster speed with 4x page loading.  It is capable of creating custom ad rules in this price range.

Purify Coupon Codes

Purify Coupon Codes

To get the efficient ad blocker in a minimal price you can keep a check at Purify Coupon Codes. The codes are updated on weekly basis to facilitate a large userbase. The promo codes and discount coupons are collected from various affiliate sites to maximize the savings.

Purify Compatibility

Fully integrated and compatible with Safari, Purify helps to purify the web browsing experience for all iPhone devices.  You have a wide range of custom options to play with, so can ideally choose the perfect settings for your iOS devices.

  • Safari
  • macOs
  • iOS

With stellar performance, it gives the simple experience of ad blocking on Safari.  Get your hands on the simplest, fastest premium native blocker for Safari.

 Is Purify worth it?

Purify blocks more than the advertisement easily. Having this ad blocker on your mobile means that you can enjoy a streamlined and excellent viewing experience.  The professionally created content filters of Purify optimize the browsing experience.   Once activated it works like magic on Safari web. Install it and forget, it does all the work for you at a minimal cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purify easy to use?

Yes, Purify is extremely easy to use. The application is delightfully simple and immensely powerful to work well on iOS devices.

Does Purify have a built-in firewall?

No, Purify doesn’t have a built-in firewall Although it has advanced ad-blocking capabilities, the functionality of the firewall is missing.

Why Purify is considered a great adblocker?

Purify stays out of the way, allowing you to surf the web with ease. Unlike all VPN solutions, no information is transmitted off your device for increased privacy and a top-class browsing experience.

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