In this Privacy Badger Review , lets unlocks all the key features, pros and cons along with additional benefits of this efficient ad blocker.

Privacy Badger is a tool that is designed primarily to detect and block third-party trackers. It is suitable for blocking advertisements on various webpages.  It efficiently block trackers that come in the form of beacons or invisible pixels with the primary goal to collect information from the browser.

 In comparison with the other top-tier blockers, it is not the one that prevents all the ads from disrupting your browsing experience. Although it reduces the clutter on the webpages but not fully functional to reduce all the advertisements.  The browser extension does not guarantee the blocking of every advertisement but decreases the data on the site. Let’s explore all the key features and other important details in this Privacy Badger Review.

Privacy Badger Review : Quick Overview

Privacy Badger Review

Privacy Badger is an easy to use tracker blocker that does not act like a traditional ad blocker.  The primary focus is on blocking third-party trackers so that they cannot trace their online activity. Advertisements are generally referred to as third-party trackers so it’s more like an online privacy tool instead of an ad blocker.

Does it block YouTube ads? No
Compatibility Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox
Paid Version Completely free, Donations accepted

Privacy Badger is a browser add-on that keeps note of the third-party domains that embed images, scripts, and advertising in the pages you visit.  If a third-party server is tracking you without your consent by using identifying cookies to collect records across multiple sites than Privacy Badger automatically disallows content from third-party trackers.

Privacy Badger Review : Key Features

Privacy Badger, an online privacy tool is developed by Electronic Frontier Foundation. The highly useful extension sends out the signal to opt out of data sharing and selling.  Moreover, it also sends out Do Not Track signals to notify the website that wished to be tracked. If the website does not comply with the wishes, Privacy Badger starts blocking it. lets look in detail all its features in this Privacy Badger review.

Block Trackers

 Privacy Badger automatically learns to block invisible trackers helping companies to completely secure their data.  Although the browser extension is not feature-rich but it does have a Private Browsing mode for anonymous surfing.   By installing and making use of the Privacy Badger, consumers can effectively decrease the tracking they suffer at the hands of websites.  

Dark Mode

 The screen light in the normal mobile mode directly hit the eyes and often results in bulging eyes. For a safe and secure browser experience, Privacy Badger also supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low-light conditions.

No registration required

The browser extension is fairly simple to use. You can leverage all the important features in Privacy Badger without registration.  It also blocks outgoing link click tracking on multiple sites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.  Link tracking is specifically designed to allow businesses to follow you when you click on the link and leave its website.  With effective tracking capabilities, it prohibits Google from tracking data from Drive documents or any other Hangout conversations.  

Reliability and Security

Privacy Badger goes above and beyond to track behavior as opposed to automatic blocking.  Privacy Badger has a methodological filter process where the domain becomes red-carded if it has tracked you on a maximum of three web pages. It also disables the WebRTC, which reveals the internal IP addresses.

As Spyware monitors what you all do on your PC, Privacy Badger works well to remove spyware.  This malicious software captures passwords, banking credentials, and credit card details.  With Privacy Badger you stay secure before spyware records your online activity.

Privacy Badger Compatibility

 Privacy Badger shows optimal performance with a range of web browsers.  Notably, Privacy Badger doesn’t work for Safari. But the company is continuously striving for building an application for macOS.  Apart from this it offers an extension for the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  •  Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

Privacy Badger Experience

 Privacy Badger is comparatively easy to use and install.  For the ease of users, it has notifications to improve browsing errors you experience while using the Privacy Badger.  When you click on the extension it shows the list of trackers Privacy Badger is managing, customization options, and lastly the donation option. For the advanced setting, click on the gear icon to reveal all other options.

 Is Privacy Badger worth it?

Privacy Badger is a viable option for people that are continuously looking for ways to stop monitoring trackers.  Overall, it shows optimal performance on various browsers and is relatively easy to use.  Privacy Badger does not block YouTube ads but does an excellent job by removing clutter from the websites.

Privacy Badger Coupon Codes

Privacy Badger Coupon Codes

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main functionality of Privacy Badger?

Privacy Badger is a highly effective tool to block third-party trackers. This stops unauthorized people from tracking your online activity and selling your information to third parties. But it still cleans up your web pages by removing pesky advertisements.  

Who owns the Privacy Badger?

Privacy Batcher is a completely free and open-source browser extension developed by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). It is designed for Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and has the ability to detect and block third-party trackers.

Is Privacy Badger a lightweight browser extension?

 Privacy Badger consumes very few device resources in comparison with similar ad blocker applications. It is easy to use and offer limited functionalities.  
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