In this AdAway review, we will explain all the key functionalities, pricing plans along with other key details for you to surf the web ad-free.

Are you annoyed at all the pesky ads that are affecting your web experience?  AdAway is licensed under GPLv3+ and is an open sources adblocker for Android.  It blocks various kinds of advertisements. The ad blocker uses the host files for ad blocking and you have the option to easily add your own host files. 

If you have root access, then there is no better option than AdAway.  It has non-root mode as well but it shows optimal performance with its root access.  With AdAway you can add exceptions to your whitelist, blocklist, and successfully rules for redirects. Let’s explore all other details in this AdAway review.

AdAway Review: Quick Overview

AdAway Review

AdAway makes use of host files to block ads serving the hostnames.  The primary working is that it keeps an updated list of ad networks and redirects them to localhost, so the request doesn’t go anywhere and no advertisements can be served. Lets have a look the main aspects in this AdAway review.

Does it block YouTube ads? Yes
Compatibility Android
Paid Version Free of cost

AdAway keeps all the annoying ads at bay and is specially designed for Android users and. The best part is that it blocks both browser and in-app advertisements. Setting up this application is a straightforward and smooth process.

AdAway Review : Key Features

AdAway Review

AdAway works well to improve the overall web experience by removing all the intrusive ads that slow down the web pages.  No matter if the ad is between the game, web page, or your music library, it keeps all the pesky ads from taking over your Phone. AdAway offers a customized set of features to block various types of advertisements on different websites. The free and open-source ad blocker is best for Android with a user-friendly interface. Here are some of the key features of this ad blocker in this AdAway review.

Host-based ad blocking

AdAway uses host files on Android to block servers and ads. This application has a complete list of known ad servers and redirects requests to the device and prevents ads from being displayed on your screen. This approach ensures wide ad-blocking across games, applications, and browsers.

Systemless Host mode

For all the rooted devices, AdAway provides a systemless host mode that completely modifies the host file without altering the system partition. This advanced feature prevents potential conflicts with system updates and ensures the proper ad-blocking functionality remains intact.

Customizable Sources

AdAway offers complete flexibility in selecting the sources in your block list. Users can easily select from a range of host files sources or even have the option to add custom sources.   This way users can get tailored ad-blocking experiences as per their preference. Also, through this advanced setting you stay up to date with the latest blocking rules.

Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Like all the other advanced Ad blockers, AdAway allows users to create custom blacklists and whitelists. Whitelisting functionality allows users to specify ads whose ads should be blocked ensuring a good browsing experience. Also , Blacklisting lets users block specific ads or ad servers  that have been missed by default blocking list.

Proxy Support

AdAway fully supports proxy configurations that enable users to direct internet traffic through proxy servers. This feature is useful for users who want to route their traffic through VPN, a specific proxy for enhanced privacy.

 Intuitive User interface

 AdAway has a user-friendly interface that is extremely easy to manage and configure. The application integrates well with Android devices and provides automatic updates.  Moreover, Adaway is proficient in continuous ad blocking without manual intervention.

Tasker Integration

AdAway can be integrated well with Tasker an automation application for Android that allows users to create automated actions based on specific triggers.   This particular integration enables users to allow or disallow ad blocking based on certain events.

AdAway Compatibility

AdAway is designed as a lightweight solution that is designed primarily for Android devices for better performance.   It operates in the background without consuming much of the system storage to ensure effective ad blocking. This ad blocking application shows better performance and is available for the following device:

  • Android

AdAway Pricing

AdAway Coupon Codes

AdAway is a completely free-of-cost ad blocker that functions efficiently for all Android devices.  It is ultimately the best solution for a faster and safer browsing experience. No matter what sort of work you doing on the web the continuous interruption of ads affects the overall browsing experience. Secure your web surfing by downloading AdAway on your smartphones.  In addition , you can make use of Adaway coupon codes to further leverage its services.

Is AdAway worth it?

AdAway is a suitable choice due to its effective ad-blocking capabilities, customizability, and security purposes.  It is a powerful tool for an ad-free experience on Android devices while having control over the ad-blocking capabilities. The host-based blocking and lightweight design provide an efficient way to block ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AdAway work without root?

AdAway works best with root but it also has non-root mode. AdAway uses host files to block ad-serving hostnames., This application keeps an updated list of ad networks so that no ads can be served on your device.

Does AdAway block Chrome ads?

No, AdAway does not block the ads on the Chrome browser of the Android operating system.

Is AdAway an open-source software?

AdAway is a completely free-of-cost, open-source application for Android devices.  
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